Friday, September 04, 2015

Refreshed and revitalised following my return from Essex and the inevitable traffic jams we encountered on our way home. No.1 had the guided tour of Colchester as we enjoyed the sunshine and dodged the heavy showers. The weather was more akin to April rather than September but enjoyable all the same. The family are all doing well although my brother is again looking for employment. He quit his last job after the change over to a zero hours contract matched its name and provided him with zero hours employment. When he was offered any work he found on arrival that he wasn't required and he was sent home. After three weeks of this nonsense he told them to stick it and he eventually signed on for a training course via the job centre. His description of this whole escapade leads me to an inevitable conclusion: either the managers of such schemes are fond of Kafka or they are clueless, useless numpties who are not employable in any other industry. He has completed the course but the several weeks wait after applying for certification without which he cannot work and still no sign of the paperwork... Rather than press a few keys and press print I believe they have commissioned Anatolian monks in an obscure monastery in the Caucasus to produce the certificates from rare lamb skins, gold leaf and squid inks when the moon is at its fullest at the autumnal equinox. 

No.1 enjoyed Colchester and he expressed an interest in eventually moving south and away from Grimsby. He likes London too and the lure of the bright lights and better prospects means he will inevitably move on. We passed through one small village as we drove slowly behind a hearse and discovered the whole village turned out in their Sunday best for the funeral at the church. This prompted a discussion between No.1 and me about the young leaving towns and villages for better opportunities when he'd identified the mourners as predominately elderly. I suggested that for the elderly, gardening, chatting with friends and watching the world go by is quite a pleasant way to live life. Naturally he disagreed referring to such a lifestyle as boring and dismissed my statement that 23 years ago I had the same beliefs. 
After the driving and a lot of walking I have decided to put my feet up today and enjoy watching the world go by. On our way home we'd stopped at Beers of Europe from whom I bought several bottles of Belgian beer and tonight I shall indulge myself by sampling some of them. 


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