Sunday, August 30, 2015

After the last few weeks of hectic activity at work I have the next two weeks off & I am away on my travels. No.1 and I are off to the kingdom of the East Saxons for a couple of days to help the matriarch celebrate her birthday. We will be staying in a local hotel because her one bedroomed cottage is a tad on the small side and two large noisy adults require comfy beds. I know I certainly require a comfortable bed, en suite shower and space to sprawl. Mrs C. is staying at home to work and look after the menagerie. The picture above shows the one time we can guarantee to assemble all four cats in the same room without a fight breaking out... Breakfast!  We are off to see the family, catch up on news and chew the fat. I had suggested my mother come up here but she no longer travels  apart from an occasional trip to London and she prefers to stay at home. I'll be driving and No.1 is hoping to drive the Lexus at some point as he is itching to get behind the wheel. During my second week off I might take a trip up to Whitby or even to have a look at Hadrian's Wall. The camera will be dusted off and my fingers are crossed for some decent weather. having completed an on-line course on Hadrian's Wall I am keen to physically see it. There is also the very tempting choice of an archaeological dig that same week in Somerset with Phil Harding in attendance and I have always wanted to meet him. I suspect the wall will win out as I can always attempt to meet the great man at another time and place. I love Roman ruins and the wall has been an ambition of mine for a long time. I can also plan a walking trip in the future so this visit will only be a little taster of more to come. Whichever I choose I intend to luxuriate in having the time to myself free from the travails of work.


Blogger Scoakat said...

Hi Delcatto, I hope you have a great vacation!
I have next week off, too. Stop by if you get the chance, I'll keep a few extra beers on hand for ya!

11:26 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Why do you always visit your ma when we are away? Are we destined never to meet? ;)

Enjoy your time off. The way you've been having to work just recently, you more than deserve it.

1:08 pm  
Anonymous Delcatto said...

Thanks Scoakat. You'll have to keep 'em cold for a while longer!
We will meet BW, perhaps next year as I am planning on travelling to Colchester 2 - 3 times next year, a few days each time & hotels each visit as I had a great time this trip down. The 45 minutes sat on the A12 this morning made us appreciate the scenery!

3:12 pm  

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