Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Done and almost dusted.
I hotfooted it to the post office and it's away.
I celebrated with a cup of tea and walked the mutt. I also started on those chores I have studiously ignored for the past week...there's rather a lot to do, maybe it was two weeks...or three.....
I also treated myself to some new books, borrowed the CD 'Folk Awards 2007' from the library to 'play' on my PC and a packet of pistachios. I live the high life here!
My local has nearly run out of real ale (!!!) so my plan to celebrate there tonight is as scuppered as a scupper can be scuppering in a scuppering suit made of scuppers.
So I'll buy some beers in to go with the nuts.
Excuse me....
..........smoke alarm had gone off. Mrs.C. deep fried some homemade onion rings and the inevitable happened. Dog and cats going crazy as smoke filled the back room and I switched the alarm off. The onion rings are tasty by the way.
I'm off for the beers.


Blogger delcatto said...

Toasted marshmallows anyone?

8:13 pm  

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