Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Looking beyond the small world I inhabit and blog about, it is a great day.
A new government in Northern Ireland bringing together old enemies and, possibly at long last, peace. My mother comes from the border country so I have a personal interest in this, with family over there and having spent a lot of time there.
I am cynical enough to realise that the world changed once the Americans realised what terrorism really means and this added to the impetus to bring peace to Northern Ireland. Having said that, I hope the peace does last and that people there can get on with their lives.

Back to the ordinary mundane world of me...hungover despite not drinking too much and we lost the 'Difficult Monday night quiz'. The quiz master of this one has a unique slant on life with little relevance to life after the 1980's, apart from motorsports. Three hours of OU work done and keeping the poorly cat prisoner so we can get her to the vet this afternoon. She is curled up asleep beside me with a very jealous dog keeping watch.

I have yet to get her into the box for her trip to the vet...a slice of chicken might help. My worry is that her leg is more damaged than first realised and she could genuinely end up as a 'tripod' cat (or Yardie as one acquaintance called her dog...three feet in a yard). However, we'll see what happens and she is still agile enough on her three legs currently.


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