Saturday, May 05, 2007


Good grief...where have the days gone to? There it was, just about spring and one week later...sunshine. Eventually.

I have been mostly working these past seven days and just tomorrow to go before two well earned days off. Also ploughing through the OU studies with this week consisting of health and social care policies. Dry? A veritable Sahara and Kalahari combined...C'est la vie as the Alan Sugar wannabes discovered this week...fromage a pate dure (forgive the lack of appropriate accents, just listen for Clouseau in the silence and you are halfway there) may be more appropriate.
But I have been up to my ears in assessments and the old equation applies in the modern NHS:
1 hour clinical work = 2 hours paperwork.
1 hour of assessment = 3 hours paperwork.
Each hour given to an admission = "DOES NOT COMPUTE! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERRROOrrrr.....pfftt...sizzle..."
Sometimes a complicated admission requiring a variety of the great and the good (ASW; GP; Section 12 doctor;police; ambulance;hot pie sellers; astrologers) can take several hours so there goes an acre of rainforest. Just to make it more exciting, add alcohol, children and the family pet all at 2 am.
Oh! We also have to write it all up electronically but everyone wants paper copies in triplicate and my touch typing technique utilising two forefingers at a speed of six words per minute with little sleep and too much real coffee...pfftt and sizzle indeed. There goes another neural pathway.
But Bank Holiday Monday, rain or shine, we are en famille sur la plage avec des inflatables...Look out for news reports of a family rescued halfway to Holland.


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