Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yesterday evening's celebration was tip top. The grub was good and the beer from Batemans was excellent, especially the 'Salem Porter' which went down exceedingly well...a little too easily perhaps. That and some free beer which was eagerly accepted contributed to it. We also won prizes at the quiz and I am wearing mine as I type....No, not a tutu but a tee shirt advertising the brewery. Some good music was played and thanks are due to landlord Dave for the above. I'm told he was smiling this morning so it was definitely a good night.
I remember years ago at my local in East Finchley a Guinness evening was on with prizes, gifts and cheap Guinness. Yes, I am a whore for free beer* and I went along. Some attractive young Guinness ladies and free beer because the turn out was one man and his dog, so they ended up giving the beer away. Try to imagine a pub where the clientele were a mixture of English, Irish, Indians and Japanese. Yes...Karaoke Dubliners as the black stuff flowed freely and liberally. The Fields of Athenry sung by students from Kyoto will burn brightly in my memory banks for years to come.
Supertramp playing as I 'scribble' away at the keyboard and I am contemplating a cuppa. Time Team special on tonight so I'm like a pig in the proverbial.


*Except for piss poor lagers brewed under contract over here.


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