Monday, January 21, 2008

Two by two by two....

Phew! It's damp out there.
The flood sirens went off at regular intervals but it must be disconcerting for the new batch of German doctors working on the elderly mental health unit. Every time it went off the confused elderly folk either dived for cover or assaulted the doctors, apart from one lady who searched for her gasmask.
We nearly got stranded on our return from the seaside town. The road was at one point under a lake of brown water. We weren't entirely sure where the road and fields met and I'm sure I saw a triangular fin traversing the lake. It comes to something when clients phone up and cancel visits because they don't want us getting stranded. But nice all the same and gives us a warm glow.
What isn't so nice is the households all cleaned up and rendered habitable receiving yet another deluge. There isn't much you can say to someone who is going through it all again for the third time within a year.
I'm on call so my scuba gear is ready but my fingers are crossed that I am not called out.


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