Saturday, February 09, 2019

The latest kit arrived and as I looked through it Maisie joined me to help out...At least I think that’s what she was doing? Unlike a certain academic who appeared naked on BBC Radio 4 to state her views on Brexit, Maisie is honest in her narcissism and loves the attention. I don’t mind Dr Victoria Bateman going naked and I happen to think she’s attractive and I do love the natural hirsute look. I also get the point about her arguments for feminism, double standards and hypocrisy, particularly in politics and the media. So the eejits slagging her off for her looks and natural beauty are only to be expected and can go sling their hooks.

I am expecting two more kits plus some aftermarket metal parts for the Walrus flying boat in 1/48 scale I bought last year, then I am going to forbear from buying any more kits for the next few months until these are built and displayed.

One of those new kits will be a slight departure for me as they are figures, Japanese Samurai and the challenge will be painting fine and delicate detail in such small figures. I will post them up when they arrive.

I managed to get an hours work completed on the landrover before my coughing, sneezing and streaming nose brought it all to a halt. 

n.b. I have a problem uploading photos to the computer but not to the iPad.They usually share but I have buggered it up some how so today’s blog comes courtesy of the iPad.



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