Sunday, February 03, 2019

My week off work has gone far too quickly and I return to the motley tomorrow. Having revalidated and paid my nurse registration fee I could focus on modelling and reading during the week. The weather ensured I stayed indoors apart from short walks out. I have almost completed the latest build, a Panzer IV/70 which has been my slow and careful build over the past several weeks. Just some weathering to do and I plan to add it to a diorama circa spring 1945. The picture above shows my! Mrs C has cottoned on to the slow creep of completed builds to the living room but I shall be looking to add some shelving to display the completed builds. The above unit needs some mirrors and lights to display the builds and I will buy in some cheap to complete this. I have been focused on buying the smaller 1/72 scale aircraft but as the expected new arrivals are all interwar French bombers space isn't really being saved as they are somewhat large! I have put a bid in on evil bay for some Samurai warriors as they won't take up too much space and they are also colourful. German grey, tri-colour armour and muted aircraft camouflage needs some bright splashes of colour amongst them. 

I have nearly ten days off at the end of February / March and my fingers are crossed for reasonable weather so I can get out and about for some walking, preferably out in the local countryside and I will bring my camera with me. I'm looking forward to that as a chat with a friend at work indicates that our jobs will be more difficult when I return.  Staff sickness and an assortment of 'difficulties' means our caseloads will increase and we will be taking on some extra duties in the clinics. I'll be trained in phlebotomy skills as these are required for the proposed changes. As someone who prefers social and psychological approaches in mental health I have avoided acquiring these skills but if it has to done, so be it. I am more concerned about the extra demands on our already limited time and the impact this will have on meeting those demands. Always interesting times...

Speaking of interesting times, I am ignoring the media meltdown over the approaching (Is it or isn't it?) Brexit because we are to be visited by a shortage of food, medicines, an increase in the plague and a 20 foot wide trench being dug between Northern Ireland and Ireland and filled with water and Piranhas.  I can't be bothered with the nonsense being spouted by people who either have a vested interest in maintaining the eu or lack a filter between their overheated brains and ever open mouths. Life will continue and perhaps we can look at how to sort out politics following Brexit. What a choice, an anti-semitic marxist ideologue or an idiot. Time to get some honest people in who want to improve the lives of ordinary people rather than the current lot. For a rich country we seem to have a lot of homelessness, pensioners and disabled struggling to live a decent life and the gap between those those who have and those who don't is increasing. I guess I can dream...



Blogger Scoakat said...

I had to look up phlebotomy - Ah!
I dislike needles, I couldn't do it.

10:20 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

I have a day ahead of me doing injections...well, supervising a student who will do the injections. That makes me nervous because I don't know him and he's an unknown quantity to me.

6:35 am  

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