Thursday, February 07, 2019

Bleugh! I have had to take today off with the dreaded leurgy.
I have been fighting this cold for three days now but waking up far too early with pain in the right side of my head including earache and a streaming nose, I phoned in sick. I am trying to sweat it out and I am slathered in Vicks and Olbas oil as I have a couple of important visits tomorrow. However, I have no desire to infect patients and work colleagues so I will see how I get on although I did catch this cold from a patient I visited on Monday! My colleague was right though as the last three days have been extremely busy and I have met myself coming forwards to meet demand.

I have ordered some new kits from evil bay over the last couple of weeks and they are now arriving. I set a limit to the amount I will spend and although I will follow many sales, most of them I will not bid on or I delete. It's really to gauge the average cost and interest in various kits but as I tend to focus on the cheaper sales I generally remain in budget.

I have developed an interest in the interwar aircraft, particularly the French, Italian and British bombers and I now have several in my stash for building. These makes tended to be unsuccessful when war broke out and their faults saw them quickly moved to training or less active operational areas.

Like the interwar armour I am fascinated by these aircraft and despite their limited operational use and perception as failures, I do enjoy them. They will keep me occupied over the next few months and when the last one arrives I shall focus more on any books / literature about the history of these aircraft and not buy any more models for a while. With over twenty kits in the stash I shall focus on getting more builds completed. My airbrush is still awaiting delivery of the necessary part but the company is in China and the part is somewhere in transit and I could be waiting another two weeks! Some enamel paints for washes and static grass is also in transit for some planned dioramas.

There is a fellow modeller at work and we have been discussing builds and techniques and I have promised to bring in my iPad with pictures of my completed builds to share with him.

I am away now for more tea and a doze in my armchair if this bloody earache allows it. Sadly, the cats won't sit on me as I smell of menthol and they can't stand the stuff but it means I won't be disturbed.


Blogger Scoakat said...

It's still fresh in my mind so you have my deepest sympathy. I hope you feel better soon.

2:07 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you Scott. I've been up since 04.30 coughing and spluttering, running a temperature and feeling sorry for myself. Bloody colds!

5:43 am  

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