Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm back and minus the offending tooth except for that 'disaster' I had a gut feeling about. The blurred* picture shows why:

A small part of the root has broken off and remains in situ.
That bland statement means a bit is still stuck there and despite her best efforts the dentist couldn't remove it. Cue two lots of antibiotics for the next week and "It should fall out naturally in time" was her reassuring comment as I left.
It's my birthday tomorrow and I will have no alcohol for the next few days. I am also enjoined to avoid hot drinks for the next day so as to allow healing (clotting) to take place. No alcohol and no caffeine...I am glad I don't smoke because that is also a no-no. We had better beat Tonga tonight as I sip my fruitjuice through a straw.

*Blurred so as not to shock the sensitive souls among you.


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