Monday, January 08, 2007

Big Bang Band...

He would have been 72 years old today...that's right, The King ...
Stephen Hawking!
Yeah I know, Elvis Presley...Mr Hawking is in fact 65 today. Can you imagine it if Elvis expounded upon his theories about the universe and Mr H (I feel I know him now so a little less formality) rocked the chicks in the aisles...alternate universes where it could be happening now. Nurse, don't take my mushrooms away...

Oddly enough, other birthdays are Shirley Bassey (70) and David bowie (60).

They'll all celebrate in their own inimitable ways...For Mr H......probably already done. Mr David Jones could have one as well, without the following.
Our Shirl is the brightest seren in the valleys already, look you.
Hywl (TTFN).


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