Thursday, January 04, 2007

The end is Nigel...

Cheerful listening on 'Listen Again'. That is 'The End is Nigh...Again' (From 31st dec. on Radio 4). All about how and when the world will end. Global warming looms large although pandemics play a big part as does nuclear weapons. The ultimate horror story for a dark winters evening or should we be doing more? I sort out my glass, paper and tins for recycling....but maybe more than that is required. Vote green? Cycle instead of driving the car? Swear once again at George W. and his puppy Blair? Having listened to the programme a sense of fatalism may be engendered as natural and manmade disasters appear stacked up and waiting for the word to go. Is that asteroid still on course for Iowa?
Having thoroughly cheered you up here is a happier picture...

Yep, even the cat is grumpy.


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