Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

It's bright, it's breezy, it's brand new. Welcome 2007. Dog walked, paddled and run ragged. Toulouse snorkers and maple cured bacon plus tomatoes grilled for breakfast. A steaming mug of freshly ground Italian roast coffee in front of me and Bob Marley providing the sounds. Blimey, what more can you ask for. (It's peace, Swedish blondes and an everlasting pint of ale are not included).
Last night was fun, noisy, alcoholic and lots of attractive women...I can look but not touch. Oddly enough I was quite restrained on the beer front hence I feel bloody good today.The disco was LOUD with a mixture of modern and old stuff. Nearly everybody danced in the end.
For 2007 I will hopefully get some travelling in if the necessary DIY doesn't cost too much. Otherwise more of the same: work and studies and life as we know it Jim. That lottery win might happen but it would be nice to get some pictures of foreign parts, and not just Britneys gearbox. No1 is also badgering to go abroad so I'll take him to Yorkshire. I have some ideas but if I mention them to him now he'll drive me nuts with planning and he still needs a passport sorting out.Somewhere safe and tourist friendly for his first trip abroad so that's France ruled out...Scandinavia perhaps for a bit of camping. We'll see...
Otherwise, welcome to the new year and hopefully it'll be a good 'un for all of us.


Blogger Cherrypie said...

Happy New Year, Del. Hope it brings lots of new experiences, places and faces x

3:09 pm  

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