Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Diem interruptus...

There I was ready to go to work and then the god of malevolence and lost dogs interferes. Phone call from No.1's school:He's been a very naughty boy (He's not the messiah) for reasons I won't go into but he's now been excluded for the next week. Cue my having to arrange time off work at very short notice and sort out various things with the school, etc...It feels like one of those weeks where the crises occur outside of work and in the very place you do not want home.
Suffice to say he has now been grounded and other dreadful punishments will be found.
Listening to Barry Manilow for an hour a day will be the least of them or is that child abuse of the worst kind? It would certainly abuse my ears!
The drum kit update: I have again emailed the seller and asked him to contact me or at the very least admit he is not selling the drums. I suspect he has not realised a good price and won't sell them. I've given him a time limit and then I'll give up on it and post a negative comment.Maybe I should go and visit him...

Intriguing name on the tank!


Blogger Seany said...

Drummed out of school eh?

*Pauses whilst putting on coat to add...*

I've bought and sold plenty on eBay (that's where I bought my drum kit) and with a little caution exercised, I've avoided any incidents to date.

Remember that there is an obligation on both parties and in the unlikely event he's disappointed in the final bid, thats tough - he should have set a higher reserve. It should always be a last resort, but I would agree that after fair warning, you are entitled to unleash the negative feedback.

9:10 pm  
Blogger Cherrypie said...

Is he in Year 8? That was an awful year. It seemed like I was getting called into school every week and was convinced he'd be ina Young Offender's Institute by Christmas.

He wasn't. He became Head Boy and it was all just part of growing up and puberty.

If you go for the Manilow torture, make him wear headphones to stop your own ears bleedingx

10:48 pm  

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