Sunday, September 24, 2006

48 Crash...

A weekend and a half: Limited access to the net as whenever I attempted to log on, zilch, zippo, nada.It worked first time for No.1, even managing to complete some homework on it, so I had a strong desire to throw the PC out of the window.
No.1 son disappeared to his mates house yesterday and despite dragging myself from my sickbed to search town for him yesterday, no sign of him. He arrived at eleven this morning, stating he fell asleep hence he didn't phone. Yep, he's grounded again, no treats and in lieu of the full story, he'll remain grounded for the forseeable future. All in all, a weekend I am glad to see the back of...oh!The cat whose picture adorns this blog is now an outdoor cat. Despite having been de-nadgered he continues to spray everywhere. I thought we had rehabilitated him out of his spraying habit. I may as well shout at the moon as try to train a cat. Poor little sod looks so sad out there, but it's either that or Mrs.C completes the de-nadgering job. However, he had a comfortable two hours on the settee sleeping next to me before the dirty deed was discovered. I'll have to build put up a cat shelter for him, large enough for him but too small for the dog to get in. She'll believe it's meant for her because she believes everything is meant for her and keeps a jealous eye upon the cats.

Terry and Monica Darlington with Jim.
(Narrow Dog to Carcassonne).I couldn't post this earlier because the photo blogger wasn't working; better late than never.

Having been confined to the house I caught up on some DVD's, including 'Shaun of the Dead' which I'd never seen until now. Bloody hell! It was filmed where I grew up and went to school in Hornsey, North London. Finger on the pause button and much reminiscing about the area...It brought a huge smile to my face and did much to cheer me up. I then watched Wallace and Gromit again which turned the smile into laughter. I am a great believer in the use of comedy, whether cartoons, sitcoms or whatever to cheer oneself up. It should be prescribed alongside prozac but with fewer side-effects apart from sore ribs. I'm off to spot the murderer in Midsummer Mayhem...


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