Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today is the 'moment of truth' for the ebayer who is selling his drum kit. I use the term 'selling' in its loosest possible connotation because I have yet to hear from this bloke. I'll email him and we will see what happens. Otherwise I now have the next two days off before another week of shifts. No plans made but a trip to the vets is called for (Frontline and the battle against fleas!) and possibly a visit to a real ale pub I haven't visited for many years.No.1 son still excluded so I'll be offering sage advice and guidance re. homework..."Just get on with it, now!"
Update on the drums to come later.


Blogger Cherrypie said...

If you are not currently down at Grimsby's hottest new comedy night then you should be.


Go see. Book tickets for next time. Tell all your friends. Tell Jon I sent you.

9:34 pm  

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