Thursday, September 21, 2006

A sense of belonging...

At last, I can use blogger again. I had posted about moving furniture, throwing out rubbish and recycling stuff. Unfortunately, the post went off into the great void and is lost forever. The bedrooms have now been moved around and my back is killing me, so a quiet night in fast asleep reading more of 'The Narrow Dog to Carcasonne'. If I recommend a book this year it will be this one as parts of it had me laughing out loud. Great observations of the people they meet on the journey,places they pass through and the dog...
We bagged up lots of old toys, books and general crap belongings no longer needed in the Catto household. I hadn't realised I had so many books and Mrs.C was greatly amused at my efforts to give some books to the charity shop. I finally picked out several books and they've now gone before I can change my mind and rescue them.Sadly, I am very attached to books and old things. I don't view them as children but that's not far off my attitude to my belongings. I had an orange coat that made me look like an advert for Tango and as Mrs.C pointed out to me, it was falling to pieces before I finally agreed it had to go. A year on and I eventually binned it, although it's still in the bin in the garden. One day it will make it to the proper bin and meet it's demise in a landfill somewhere.
Ahh...I hear the sound of drum practice from a sulky, monosyllabic teenager who grumped his way in from school, through his tea and straight to his drum kit...via some dreadful tosh on the telly.

I have two days off and contrary to the laws of science they will be gone in the blink of an eye and I will be back at work. 15 minutes at the dentist seems to last a lifetime whereas enjoyable time just flies by. Never mind, I'll try and enjoy them and I have planned a trip to the municipal dump tomorrow. Oh joy!


Blogger Cherrypie said...

I just booked a holiday to Carcassonne ( too many double letters somewhere) last night. I shall hunt out that book and read it on the way

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