Saturday, October 27, 2007

According to my PC my current addy is 'Cannot find server', yet I am here blogging!
Virgin Media are sending out a tech to check the modem and boxes because they state "it is a problem from our end"....paging the proctologist Dr. Finger...paging Dr. Finger. However, a busy week at work ahead of me so I have booked them in late in the week.

Coming up to Hallowe'en....whoooooo....
Mrs.C saw our ghost cat this morning and her right leg was suddenly very cold. She had a shower afterwards and found scratches on her right knee....spooky. We have never seen the cat's face and today Mrs.C saw only the tail whilst her leg was icy cold. This cat has followed us from house to house and until today there have been no problems. The mutt often sits and stares into the dining room of an evening, a habit she also does with our living moggies. I have had cats as pets since I was nine years old so it could any one of half a dozen plus, I used to help with Cats Protection to check out homes for rehoming the little critters. From a sceptical perspective it could have been one of our cats. Molly was asleep under our bed and a jealous dog lay beside her and Mog was in the garden whilst Mrs.C was downstairs. Tigger is white and tabby and very know she's around but she was also in the garden.
Anyhow, three whole days off after a nine day stretch of non-stop working including calls out overnight and lots of activity with the police and paramedics. One person came close to breaking the record for most overdoses in a week and that was just us with the brewed coffee...caffeine wired and twitchy.
I must go as the connection is playing up and publishing needs to be done now.


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