Saturday, December 16, 2017

A break from blogging as real life required my attention and preparations for Xmas. It was made more interesting by several incidents this past week which included a water leak in the kitchen, the electrics off for a while and a man sorting out the fuse box, Mrs C. taking a nasty tumble on some black ice and a works van coming off an icy road with No.1 son as one of the passengers. So it has been a week we are very glad to put behind us although Mrs. C is unbroken but bruised and very sore. Following my fall a few weeks back and her fall yesterday we have been hobbling about like two fragile old pensioners when out in town today.

I bought some auction items from evil bay and I am stocked up for modelling over the next two months to keep me from loitering like some ne'r-do-well on street corners eying up the passing wealthy merchants on their way to Nottingham...oops. I appear to have wandered into a Kevin Costner movie. This will keep me happily occupied over the cold winter months. It's a bit early but my resolution for the new year is to focus on healthy as I am never going to be wealthy and I am far from wise. A balance of modelling and reading with walking and diet once again being my focus. We've also had some poorly cats who have been very reluctant to spend too much time outdoors in the frost and cold weather. They certainly know the warm spots in the house which included our bed one night when Sherlock decided to greet us at 3 a.m. after hiding under the bed!
SD.kfz 251 /1 half-track - I have to do some figures for it.

A Panzer 38 (t) completed last week as well. I'm afraid the pictures from the iPad do not come out well and they are grainy.

Otherwise we are just about prepared for Xmas although we still want to buy some small gifts for No.1. son to place under the tree for him to open. He received money last month from me as he is struggling whilst he awaits the agency work coming in. Happily, this past week more work has come in and he is booked in for more work next week. I've had a couple of people ask me about my work plans for next year and I gave the same answer to each. I'll see what happens next year after January. I worked with a Zimbabwean guy who is an agency nurse and he takes on short term agency contracts around the country. Working 3 - 6 months in a different place each time with time off in between for travelling. It sounds attractive and I might consider this for work locally to dip my toes in the water of agency work but I am in no hurry to make decisions. I am enjoying the break from working with broken people wanting magical solutions to their various problems and managers frantically pushing deadlines and targets. Perhaps the next time I will work through winter and take the summer off as more time to go out and about as well as more outdoor activities. Time for a fresh coffee and for those in the UK, Aldi sell some wonderful ground and bean coffees for a lot less than the regular super mercado.


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