Friday, January 26, 2007

DIYa think I'm sexy?*

I have been a little under the weather today...London Pride and Talisker was extremely enjoyable last night and, despite no questions about Robbie Burns, we came within a whisker of winning the quiz. Hard to believe it was almost a month since I was last within the hallowed walls of The Tap. Several restorative mugs of tea plus water and apple juice have done the trick...I feel almost human.
We have also had our guttering, etc... fixed today so the mutt has been going crazy as the repairs were carried out by a lovely chap. Despite cups of tea and conversation with him, the mutt continued to wander around the place and give out an occasional disconsolate bark in her desire to keep me safe. £150 well spent but I now have no excuses for putting off the redecoration needed for the damaged walls caused by the damp...DIY city for the next several months. I am not a fan of DIY...blessed as I am with two left hands and an innate ability to make even the simplest job twice as hard. But I can paint and I have had some success at papering which will be the main tasks. Flooring, plastering and woodwork are also required so I'll warn the Fire Brigade and the local A&E dept. of my plans for this year...and the AA, aren't they the fourth emergency service? Although the twelve step plan with prayers is not going to grout many tiles.

"A lick of paint and good as new".

And there is still the garden to do although muttley has helped with her hole digging.
* Not with this hangover if I look as rough as I feel...


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