Monday, October 30, 2006

Bleugh again.

Monday morning and I am up early.
Sore throat, sinuses congested and feeling decidedly ropey.
I have only just got rid off the last cold.
So paracetamol and sudafed will be the order of the day plus a beach walk to blow the lurgies away.I had an early night because I felt distinctly under the weather. No.1 is only now getting over his manflu and I guess he has lovingly bestowed it upon me.
The fancy dress went well and much beer was drunk.Elvis was there and he belted out his hits.Do you know what, I don't believe he really was Elvis otherwise he's looking well for 71 (He's not really dead, after his lengthy sojourn in Area 54 with Princess Di).I'm orf for breakfast and then that walk.


Blogger delcatto said...

I posted this at 7.42...blogger put your clocks back!

7:53 am  
Blogger Lady Fotherington-Smethers said...

Hope you get better soon. The cat is gorgeous,.

11:16 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Welcome Lorainne and thank you for your kind words.
The cat in question is Mog mark 2 after mark one ran away during a house move.

3:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think those Blogger chaps expect us to change it twice a year in the settings.

*sniff* Bloody colds...

8:00 pm  

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