Sunday, December 20, 2020

 A quiet morning spent modelling, listening to podcasts and enjoying coffee. The above is the progress so far and trying to match the 'exact' paint scheme to the named tank took me down the rabbit hole. I finally decided 'That's good enough' and applied the paint over the non-masked areas. That is silver grey paint and my initial thought was more of a light silver green. It looks good so far and I opted for the one piece rubber track which I ended up sewing together. Sue was surprised but as a poor kid I learned how to sew from my Mum as we had to make good and mend clothes to save money. I became quite proficient at it. Sewing together a rubber track was simple.

The upper hull is not yet glued in as I have lots more to do as well as sort out the accoutrements to go on the hull. This should be completed by the new year and the aircraft I have started a few weeks back will then be back on the table. I shall be having a chat with my manager and requesting a move to my reduced hours sooner rather than later as I am keen to have an extra day off each week for modelling, walking, gardening or just sitting on my arse looking into space. A work colleague from another team has injured his back and the sad news is that he might end up in a wheel chair. He's of an age with me and he had retired, reduced his hours and dropped down the nurse bandings but sadly now isn't able to enjoy this. That plus a colleague off sick following surgery and we are all around 60 - 61 years of age and I can take a hint. Especially since management were chasing her to return to work but our support that she is not fit for work and a doctors note has stopped that nonsense!

Anyhow, enough about work, with a further tier added to the lockdown and the lack of evidence for the mutated super virus underpinning this I do again wonder WTF? Corona viruses do mutate and generally become a weaker and less damaging strain to most of the population, hence the variety of colds we get each year. For those who doubt Sars-Cov 2, does exist and yes, I do believe I had it last year and it was nasty but not as bad as the flu. It does harm people and it can directly or indirectly kill people, particularly those who are vulnerable. In short, this is now quite bewildering having read through the tweets and discussions of several scientists on social media but I guess we need them to gather the evidence. Meanwhile...

Between the deliberately mismanaged Brexit and the continuing lockdowns 2021 is likely to be even worse as there is no money. Electronically adding extra zeros to an imaginary figure to then distribute into the economy is not the sign of a healthy functioning economic system. I have upset a few people at work because I stated my belief that we do not need a further pay rise and reminding them that people in the private sector have lost jobs, are likely to be in deep shit when furlough and lockdowns end, that we are lucky to remain in paid employment hasn't gone down well. Interestingly, apart from a couple of people whose attitudes accord with mine, I was surprised when several others privately agreed with me. I plan to sort the garden out, get some veg in and that might help when food prices continue to rise and there are some shortages. Hopefully it won't be that bad but I prefer to have some preparations in place. I need to grow more than tomatoes and chillies so perhaps some spuds in the large container bags I have and sort the raspberries out. 

I have news that my Mum should be home for Christmas and I have ordered some flowers for delivery via my sisters house to ensure she receives them. I had hoped to go down to Colchester but I would be travelling from Tier 3 to a Tier 2 place and apparently we are only allowed one day. My Mum says no because she is worried some 'well-meaning citizen' might report me. So phone calls and texts it is and we will make plans for next year. There are a lot of well meaning citizens around, East Germany apparently had loads of them as did Vichy France and the Soviet Union. I think they were called Blockleiters in Germany during the time known as the Emergency by the Irish government. As we are yet again in what governments around the world will undoubtedly call an emergency it is apt. Time for another coffee, a catch up with some reading and music and chill before returning to the nonsense tomorrow.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

The new variant is definitely a real thing - and it gets through medical grade PPE.

Half the staff at regional hospital down south have/have had it, and it is now on every ward there. Our house caretaker works at said hospital and now has it. She is the most hygienic and careful person I have ever known (and was even before Covid), so, if she can get it through full PPE, anyone can.

Agree that Brexit has been mismanaged - but by all sides. Other EU countries were never going to agree to anything, were they?

And, if you can drop to 4 days a week now, I suspect you will hardly notice the difference in take-home pay - less tax, less NI, less pension. Just one thought - is your NHS pension based on your final salary in your final year, or is it your based on your best salary year? Could make a big difference...

Happy modelling! That tank is looking good.

10:34 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

We are continuing to take great care at work but this past week has seen us really stretched as a combination of Sars-Cov2, lockdown, Christmas and lack of staff is wearing everyone down. We are well stocked with PPE and using it. I think I have masks, sanitiser and gloves all over my car, on my office desk and under it, at home and in my work bags!!

I took my NHS pension early but I am now paying into a second one which has 5 years in now so it won't be a lot. A combination of the two plus the state pension will eventually come my way if I live that long! It is usually based on the best of the last three years so my first pension was based on a band 7 Specialist Nurse role which was good. I should have waited another four years and I could have retired completely but I was burned out back then and made the decision to take it and leave. For a variety of reasons I believe I made the right decision. I will be speaking with my manager in January and reduce my hours asap.

11:00 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

ps. The tank met with a feline mishap but is being repaired! Little furry buggers!

11:02 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Given that tanks usually kill things, it's amusing that things maimed the tank! Hope the damage was easily mendable.

Should have guessed you'd have the pension situation under control :)

10:29 am  

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