Sunday, December 13, 2020

 It has not been a good week from a personal perspective and work wise.

Earlier this week I found out my Mum had injured her leg and as usual she minimised the issue but it was more serious than she led me to believe. After discussions with my sister I got the whole sorry tale involving paramedics and a GP neglecting their duty of care and refusing to attend when contacted for help. My Mum said she heard / felt a crunch when she stood up and collapsed in agony. She was unable to bear any weight, in lots of pain despite her two regular strong painkillers and as she discovered she wasn't able to mobilise. Despite calling the paramedics who stated a four hour response time and her GP who refused to attend my sister went round after receiving the call. The next couple of days saw a visit to A & E where some clueless twerp of a doctor who examined her knee and stated it isn't osteoarthritis but refused to say what it was but that she would need a scope going in. No one else could accompany my Mum because of the covid restrictions and she had to walk from the entrance back to my sisters car.

Back home, unable to walk, in constant pain and the surgery sent a practice nurse who immediately stated the GP needs to see her. The GP did not attend yet prescribed morphine but, vomiting, dehydration as she wasn't able to keep fluids down and afraid to climb the steep stairs to the bathroom and risk of falls. After a discussion between my sister and me and a list of specific words to use (Vulnerable older adult, risk of falls, duty of care, safeguarding, etc...) to the GP an ambulance attended and she was taken to the local hospital. I spoke with my sister and my Mum these last two days and it was confirmed this morning she has a broken leg!! We stated this earlier this week yet not one fucking health professional listened to our concerns. My sister is chasing up the accommodation issue as Mum can't sadly return home as the house has very steep stairs to her bedroom and bathroom. We have been pursuing this on and off for a decade now but Mum is fiercely independent and did not want to bother the housing people and she likes her house, so we respected that. 

We will find out later today if she has surgery and potentially she will be in hospital for at least a few more days. We aren't allowed to visit and my sister and brother are looking after her house as is two of her neighbours. Sadly, this covid nonsense has exposed how bad the health services are and it is replicated right across the country. There is a lot of good work done but poor use of resources, poor management and the politicalisation of the NHS contributes to this. This leads neatly to the work issue.

The individual who caused numerous problems in the team is coming back to the team. A senior manager called us all in to receive the news and we were asked for our honest responses. We gave them. This will cause problems as we are all angry and this individual tried to destroy the careers of two staff members but we are being told to work with them. I have censored and cut a chunk from here...better safe than sorry. Interesting times...

Good news is that it has been agreed that next year I can reduce my hours at work and I am considering reducing to thirty hours a week over four days from the spring. I will do this for the next year and then reduce my hours further to three days a week. The interim manager is very supportive of this and I am keen to have a better work / life balance as after the past year and this latest news it is time to scale back my hours. A colleague in another team whom I have worked with and known for nearly twenty years retired this week. She stated she has had enough of the crap and after thirty years in nursing she has had enough. Looking around me and I have mentored most of the staff when they were students and I suspect I am the last of the October 1985 student intake still working. Time now to slowly work towards a proper retirement as I am very tired and my body aches from the after effects of the February incident. Sue will receive her state pension in November next year and I still have six years to go until I receive mine. Looking at the mess the world is in and I now avoid the selected news fed to us by the media, I have an increasing desire to do other things, focus on family and home. The house needs a lot of work next year plus I have neglected the garden with a wall repair to be done and a new gate installed. I hope all is well with you folks and you are taking care in these trying times.

n.b. Interesting article and a fascinating read given the current Zeitgeist.



Blogger Scoakat said...

So sorry to hear about your Mum. And shocked. That kind of poor health service I just can't see happening over here. Disturbing, actually, pandemic or not.

Why would the problem-maker even want to come back knowing how disliked they are? Good luck, and I hope your plan for reduced hours actually comes to be.

The cats are adorable!

9:12 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you Scott.

She had surgery yesterday for a broken femur which we suspected it might be. Now comfortable on a ward.

Why they came back?
I guess lack of self awareness.

7:03 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Yikes! Broken femur, not good. All my best to her!

9:15 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

A neighbouring health trust to Mr BW's Mum, but a near-identical tale of professional incompetence and GPs refusing to attend and incorrectly diagnosing (WTF are GPs actually doing at the moment?). Now having to go down the private route to get something done in a timely manner before she dies waiting... amazingly the specialists who can't see her due to covid in the NHS hospital can magically see her in a private hospital.

Do hope your Mum is improving and that her housing can be sorted rapidly.

Are you all going to send said staff member to Coventry? And yay to reducing hours and choosing to have other priorities in life!

2:51 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks BW.
My Mum is recovering but still in hospital as surprisingly she tested positive for Covid. Then negative and then positive - she was negative when she was admitted to hospital! She is well, bored, wants to go home and will hopefully be home for Xmas eve.

Yes, we are doing a version of Coventry. Polite hello, short response to any clinical query but no other social interactions. The two staff are now putting their complaints about the individual and a dossier of concerns is being compiled. The whole team will be monitoring the individuals behaviour and supporting each other and any patients upset by this person.It is inevitable that they will cause upset because they have no self awareness and will continue to do the same things. Amazingly, the three other teams in the building think the same and support us! Truly astonishing.

7:41 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Sorry to hear about Mr BW's Mum. I think it is shocking and it does seem to be incompetence on top of planned neglect. So much for for all the supposedly legal protections put in for elderly people and yes, if you pay those self same doctors are remarkably accessible!

7:45 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Pleased your Mum is recovering and maybe the covid tests' variability is incompetent testing or analysis?

Could a complaint be made by those who have had negative dealings with The Annoying Colleague (as a group complaint) to whichever professional body she belongs to?

The same cardiologist who coud not be reached via the NHS ward/NHS secretary route managed to personally ring Mr BW's sister at 8pm of an evening to arrange an urgent appointment (3 days later) as he could see the direness of the situation.

You really couldn't make this stuff up... but what happens to those older people who don't have family to fight their corners (or the means to fund private investigation/treatment)? I do wonder how many of the covid deaths realte to people who were unwell due to NHS neglect, before they got covid.

11:20 am  

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