Monday, December 07, 2020

 A day off today as we have the boiler being serviced today and I can devote it to modelling. Progress so far on the M3 Stuart Honey tank...

Typical modeller really as most of that will not be seen but I will clear coat the interior and use oil washes to add depth and accentuate some of the detail. Good practice for me for future builds where I will show the interior.

I have dry fitted the upper hull and turret to check the fit and show how little will be seen from the outside.

The frustrating thing is to now leave it so the paint dries but allows me time to plan the next steps as the paint scheme for this tank will be slightly unusual and involves me airbrushing paints from a manufacturer I have not used before now. So some practice on an old broken kit will be necessary to check thinner levels (I can use water with this particular paint) and pressure to spray it at. The scheme I intend to try is shown below and I have long wanted to paint this scheme. It will be airbrushed as I can lay down a thinner coat and hopefully will come out well. The upper hull and turret will remain loose for now and I will use white glue to hold the turret hatch in place only so I can apply the paints. 

I suspect I will only have time this weekend but  I will try and squeeze in a couple of evenings. We'll's hard to type with a large tabby sitting on me and demanding my undivided attention. I also have a couple of books newly arrived to keep me entertained in the evenings as well. Research for future trips out and cheap recycled books courtesy of Amazon. I have ordered the boxed set of Inspector Morse novels as I disposed of mine years ago and having watched a couple of episodes on TV recently I'd like to reread them. I couldn't believe how cheap they were, in fact the postage is more than the cost of the books!

I received the following Xmas card from...cue drum roll...

Nope...I have no idea although as it is advertising his next tour I must be on a mailing list somewhere.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

That is not a honey tank. Honey tanks are circular, made of stainless steel, and have a tap on the bottom.

If you are interestetd in the Knights Templar, Cressing Temple Barns at Witham is only a few miles from Colchester, so perhaps you could combine a trip to your Mum's with a visit? Managed by Essex CC and free to get in. Interesting ancient grain barn - I think it is the earliest KT holding (if not the, one of the).

4:56 pm  

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