Saturday, June 20, 2020

I had started a post about the BLM protests but I deleted it because my core belief has always been violence engenders more violence and is not a solution to the worlds ills. I am not going to offer an opinion about the protests / riots in the USA except to say it worries me when I see what is happening there.

 Over here in the UK the usual suspects are involved in or using the protests (SWP, antifa, etc...) for their own ends and really don't care about other lives at all. I saw first hand on numerous occasions what violence is in Northern Ireland and encountered it again on a couple of occasions in Israel.  Dismantling the police, demanding preferential treatment, attacking the structures of the state and its representatives provokes an equal and possibly greater reaction and sadly that will happen unless some leadership across the board from all parties resolves this peacefully. As for historical far back do we go? I know and talked with some anti-English people in Ireland and over here who are still fighting the battles of 1649 - 51 and 1798, the famine of the 1840's and 1916. It fuels politics and anger still today and I distrust people who offer simple solutions based on aggression. If people aren't convinced that dismantling the police is a bad thing there are plenty of examples in history and post WW1 Germany is one example that comes to mind. The Freikorps and other militia eventually led to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. Is that what people want? 
The idiots using the genuine anger and anxieties of minority groups to further their own ends would also do well from a close examination of Russia 1917 - 1922 and what happened to those deemed enemies of the state by Lenin and Stalin following the civil war. If that's too close to home for their university learnt but reality free Marxist fantasies they could take a gander at the French revolution of 1789. 
One of the general themes from my time at university studying history was dissent and revolution. My saving grace was that I started my degree as a part time student whilst holding down a full time job and at the age of thirty I had some life experience. I also had the experience of trades unions and the politics involved in doing that so I had been exposed to the batshit craziness of extreme leftwing politics. It's why I avowedly avoid both right and left and opt for sensible consensual politics. 
Nobody likes to be called a racist and overt racism is hugely reduced. I have heard the occasional racist remark from individuals but it is rare and can and should be challenged. Over the past few years I have heard an increasing number of anti-semitic remarks and I have robustly challenged that shit. It worries me that that has increased and that people are now being forced into choosing sides because that lays the framework for civil discord and potentially for conflict. 

Meanwhile, more rain and modelling or as Sue calls it 'Sniffin' glue'!

Work so far on the Whitley with some 'sprue goo' laid along the seams which I have now started to sand down. I have behaved myself and not ordered any new models but I have ordered new tools, paints and thinners although I now have the recipe for making my own thinners which will save me money.A bottle of my regular thinner costs me several quid for a 250 ml bottle. The recipe will cost about the same for three litres and the smallest ingredients can contribute to making approximately fifty - sixty litres! I shall look into that next month, order the constituent ingredients and not worry about buying thinners for the next few years. 

I received a text from a work colleague and I have to admit I am anxious about my return to work next week as it does sound like the shit has hit the fan. A work colleague and I use that term loosely, has transferred to another team and dropped the team in it with covering their caseload and other assorted duties. I am glad to see the back of them as they caused nothing but trouble and the complaints about their behaviour from patients, other teams and agencies was pouring in thick and fast. It's left all sorts of headaches but they'll be sorted out eventually. I also have a telephone physiotherapy appointment next week! I will see what happens as I plan to work full time for the rest of this year and as previously stated, I intend to look at my options for next year. With the mortgage paid off this summer and my attempts to encourage Sue to consider changes in our lifestyles it's a definite plan. I again suggested a move to Bulgaria as property is cheap there and life is very affordable on a small budget. Still a no from her! 

                                         An early Fathers day gift from No.1 son!

Now...back to the garden as there is some sunshine. Be careful out there folks and avoid the idiots.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

But you understand history.

Can you make your own thinnners? I didn't know that! Mr BW uses lots and buys it every year by the gallon at a country fair down south - but of course there won't be many more of those, so, when you've tried it, if it works, I'd be interested in the recipe.

'I predict a riot' of 70s/80s stylee, when thousands are laid off when furlough ends. If Tommy Robinson et al don't start it over anti-BLM demands first.

Just when you thought the times couldn't get any more interesting, they do.

7:53 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

"...or as Sue calls it 'Sniffin' glue'!"

Boy, did I laugh at that one. Cheers, Sue!

9:48 pm  

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