Saturday, April 11, 2020

I am still plodding on and a welcome four days off after the past week. We continue to work seven days a week and I had an update from one of my colleagues. I may have been exposed to someone who claims to have Covid 19 from what I heard today but I suspect there are other reasons for the patient making this claim. What I have discovered is that the breathlessness I experienced last year when I was ill with the virus came back last night. However, I think this was a consequence of gardening, grass cutting and sorting out the compost bin yesterday and my hay fever kicking in big time. So today was spent indoors with little time spent in the garden and the tachycardia I had with the breathlessness has also settled down. When this all over I shall be booking in to see my GP for a check up just to make sure it isn't anything else. On the up side, time spent indoors means modelling!

I am currently building a Stug 3 or the Sturmgeschutz 3 to give it it's official title but as I was working on the tracks the above aircraft was delivered. It is the last kit I will buy for a few months as I have plenty to build and I am saving to pay off the mortgage this year. It's unlikely I'll be travelling anywhere for a few months and I have shelved any thoughts about travelling until next year.

Otherwise we are keeping ourselves confined to barracks when I am not working. We had a walk along the river yesterday and noted the swan nest so nature continues onwards and it's a sign that that life continues and we will get through this. I have no idea what awaits us a few months down the line so we may have to continue to batten down the hatches and focus on work, family and home. With the media furore about PPE, we received new supplies a week ago and a colleagues husband has made us all visors as well. I've had to attend a few visits where we donned PPE before entering but lots of phone calls, telephone assessments and the usual paperwork. Most people have responded with great resilience, are supportive and happy with what we are offering. Next week will change as the wards have to identify 40% early discharges and we will be doing more visits as these are people who would have remained in hospital for a few more weeks. We are doing home treatment and crisis work visits only and this is likely to continue for at least another three - four weeks. I have to be honest, it is tiring and there is heightened anxiety all round but generally we have all adapted well and getting stuck in. Just a short entry today and perhaps another entry tomorrow or Monday. Take care all.



Blogger Scoakat said...

I'm glad to hear from you! But I know you've been busy. Don't take the shortness of breath lightly, it was a week after my first symptoms that I was finally convinced I had it, and my doctor corroborated that it starts out mild for about a week, then progresses.

I hope Sue is also doing well. Stay safe, my friend.

8:58 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Pleased you're soldiering on.

I'm getting more and more annoyed by the government's ongoing mismanagement/miscommunication of this situation, and Matt Hancock's claim that NHS staff are over-using PPE made my blood boil, having heard from Cleaner BW (who also works in the localish big hospital now) what is going on there. At least there is some hope for a sensible Oppostion now, for when Britain can start rebuilding.

Stay safe. I'll keep sticking pins in my Cabinet effigies ;)

9:13 pm  

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