Sunday, March 29, 2020

   Blossoming Cherry tree we bought before the lockdown.

As you can imagine it's been a busy week as the world changed and a real crisis has taken centre stage as opposed to a manufactured 'climate emergency'. If they were honest and called it 'Humans fucking up the planet, using scarce resources and generally being stupid emergency' I would sign up to that.  
We aren't doing home visits apart from urgent ones and those clinical procedures that necessitate face to face contact. Lots of phone calls, supporting other agencies and ever more phone calls. I've had a few face to face contacts including one in a field and this was only the first week. This coming week could be interesting as home isolation, increasing anxiety and further restrictions will have an impact.  We are considering going to a seven days a week service and the extra hours I did last week might well increase. But...although we as a team organised our own response there has been a general lack of direction and a lot of confusion with different teams in the same building taking different and at times contradictory approaches. Outside of work things have become more organised and queuing for  groceries with a one in, one out system has worked at the local supermarket. We are also shopping for  some of the more vulnerable clients although most people are coping. Happily, most patients support our efforts and are understanding. 

Yesterday was the first day this week where I was able to go out for a walk and it is so surreal. The town is empty, few people around and it is so quiet. Essential shops open and I have the car MOT* to do tomorrow, so it is booked in at the local garage. I decided to continue with that despite the government giving a six month deferment on MOT's as I might be selling the car later this year. No 1 son has his eyes on it and as a twelve year old Mazda and with the coming financial crash it won't have much value. I need a more economical car for work but I am still hankering after a camper van, possibly one I could use for work as well as travelling. Again, this all depends on what the next several months bring because I do believe the world will be different after all of this has blown over. It's the elderly and kids I feel sorry for during this enforced lockdown and the general misinformation, bullshit and scaremongering has left so many people feeling anxious. I still have thoughts that this provides a convenient scapegoat for the financial crash that is coming but the truth is we don't know what other nasty viruses are lurking out there or if this one could mutate into an even nastier one. We shall see what the future brings and if the truth will out at all.

Otherwise this weekend has been given over to modelling, reading and listening to music. I had plans for the garden but rain, snow and hail stopped play. 

The weekend has seen further work on the Short Stirling bomber with airbrushing paint, some scratch built work as I lost an important part, clear coating a protective polish and I will brush paint further parts and hopefully get some decals on. I promised Sue I wouldn't buy any models for a few months (Yes, I ordered a cheap kit yesterday!) but I have bought much needed paints, fillers and research books. The books below have helped with this build and towards a planned future build of the same kit but an earlier mark. 'Most Secret War' by R V Jones is a fascinating account about the electronics warfare during World War 2, particularly in aircraft and radar technology. Jones was one of the chief scientists involved in it and I can recommend the book for anyone interested in that.

All put away for now as the builds appear to have a magical catnip effect on the cats and Sherlock has yet again knocked over a container of important parts and scattered them on the floor. Does he care? Not a jot as he insisted joining Watson and Mindy on the table seeking my attention.

Keep safe folks, look after yourselves and loved ones and keep buggering on as this too will pass.


* Ministry of Transport road worthiness test for cars three years and older.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Mutations and other viruses are front of my mind too.

"If they were honest and called it 'Humans fucking up the planet, using scarce resources and generally being stupid emergency' I would sign up to that."

Amen to that. I'v eheard that Bill Gates did a TED talk on this very eventuality several years ago, but I've not looked it up yet.

You and I have been prediciting it too, for many years...

6:46 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Stay well, but I fear this may last much longer than anticipated. It will definitely be a different world on the other side.

I may try to find that TED talk.

8:18 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks folks.

Yes, I'll have a look for that TED talk. Sadly I have been saying for years and I have always hoped I was wrong. The future is somewhat unpredictable but the response of the political classes and bureaucracy is sadly all too predictable.

Scott, the medics over here are talking about several weeks and months which is frightening as I cannot see it being sustained unless the government use further powers and the military to enforce. Just keep safe everyone.

2:39 pm  

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