Saturday, November 09, 2019

Well, that was a dreadful week as I was full of a nasty virus which is still with me eight days later.  Night fevers and sadly not the dancing kind, headaches and earaches which are still with me as is an irritating dry cough. I returned to work on Thursday to discover half the team had been off sick with similar symptoms to mine or with the norovirus. Overall very unpleasant and hopefully these final symptoms will dissipate quickly. Apart from attending work during the last two days I have spent the week sleeping or napping in a chair listening to music and podcasts. Annoyingly, after a few days of heavy rain today was lovely and I did not have the energy to do little more than get some modelling in and reading. I did ask Sue if she wanted to go out but she's under the weather as well, experiencing side effects from the medication. She's hoping these will reduce over time but we'll see how things pan out.

I have clear coated the Vampire although I am not happy with the paint job and I am in two minds about completing it as is or, trying another thinned coat of aluminium paint. It still needs decals, a wash and some light weathering but as I have to allow the clear coat to dry I rummaged through the stash and picked out the above kit. A Ventura in 1/48 scale which I bought for £10.00 from the local Home Bargains store last year. A bargain indeed and it was Sue who spotted it and suggested I buy it! This should keep me occupied for the next fortnight and a distraction to the media nonsense around the forthcoming election. We had the Labour party canvas at our front door today but suffering with tiredness and earache I politely told them to go away. A shame really as I had hoped to have political canvassers at the door as I have a few questions to ask and a few statements to make. Hopefully they'll come back but the other parties might make an appearance and an opportunity for discussion.

I'm off to take more medicine and another welcome cup of tea. Keep well and avoid the leurgys.



Blogger Scoakat said...

Whoa - delayed reaction! Hope you're feeling better by now, Declan.

I did look up Guy Fawkes Night, it is interesting and a bigger story than I thought. A 400 year old failed conspiracy, gunpowder in the basement seems almost novel now. But sounds like he got caught, ratted out his friends, then took his own life right before his execution. Admittedly, I don't fully understand, but the fireworks makes more sense now!

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