Saturday, November 23, 2019

Not the best of weeks as Sue is exhausted from her treatment and I still have an irritating cough. So we have had a week of sleeping with the cats generally camped on or around us apart from my last two days at work. The latter was interesting as there are mutterings amongst the staff. I would not be surprised to find a few people have moved on by this time next year as people are unhappy. Just a quick note about the election campaign and the NHS...there are no extra staff, there is no extra money and the politicians saying that are liars *cough* Hancock *cough*. We are doing more and more with fewer staff and resources but enough about the election. I made the mistake of looking through twitter yesterday and I think I might leave it alone for the foreseeable future. As for this's not a chest infection but I have no idea why it is lingering although today is definitely an improvement on yesterday.

As can be seen above the Ventura is a work in progress although I left off the airbrushing today as paint fumes, the cough and a face mask aren't a good idea. The wooden frame is the latest acquisition for painting aircraft. Although this is a work in progress and is likely to take another week at least, I am already planning my next build. A welcome escape from the madness of the world...

A 1/72 scale Short Stirling from Airfix and a build I am looking forward to. This was a huge aircraft and one of the first heavy bombers used operationally by the RAF. I used to know an old chap who was a rear turret gunner on Lancasters but he'd also flown on these. He had some hair raising tales to tell and had the scars and carrying shrapnel from his service. He told me he got the job because he was only a little bloke but it was often the 'tail end Charlies' whom the night fighters picked off first. Astonishing to think he did two years service and was still only twenty when the war ended.

I'm away to make an extra hot curry for tea plus slathering myself in Vicks vapour rub as I want this lingering leurgy gone.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Vicks contains essential oil of eucalyptus. Sniffing eucalyptus oil, either from the bottle, on a hankie (day), or a pillowcase (night), or as a few drops in a bowl of boiling water - either inhale, or leave to diffuse into a room - always works well for me when I have the lurgy.

Hope you both feel better soon.

6:32 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BW.
Lots of Vicks used last night as oddly enough it is the evenings when the cough is at its worst. My mother said to Sue I suffered with asthma as a child which I can't recall. Certainly lots of bronchial issues but we lived in a shared house with damp, no central heating and plenty of fresh air blowing through the various holes in the structure!

11:05 am  

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