Friday, November 01, 2019

I have booked a couple of days off for a car service and a break from the endless demands at work. Unsurprisingly, it is pouring with rain and good weather for ducks. A quick foray into town for shopping today but yesterday was bright and dry so Sue and I enjoyed a long walk before I collected the car. She is experiencing some uncomfortable side effects from the medication especially tiredness but a daily walk in the fresh air helps.

The Handley Page Heyford has been completed although there are a couple of things I have yet to finish but, when I attempted to do this part of the rigging came undone. The photo above is from yesterday as this morning I applied a pin wash of black enamel paint to a light coat of enamel thinner on various parts before I cleaned it back. It is an example of an RAF heavy bomber from 1938 although the Heyford was phased out by 1941, being used for training or as a target tug by that date.
This build has taken me some time because I have a few hours only set aside for modelling each weekend. I have another build on the bench, a Vampire from the late forties in RAF livery which I am trying to sort out the colour scheme for, a dull silver grey which is so far defeating me. I'll attend to that later today and set up for my next build, a Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter. Both this and the Vampire were designed and built during WW2 but the Me 262 saw active service during the war. It still astonishes me that the Heyford was designed and built in 1930 but during that decade jet turbine engines were being designed, built and tested. The future and the past in aircraft design during the same period.

The clamps and the reverse grip tweezers were ordered after my old ones either broke or bits from the clamps were lost. I also ordered another Me 262 made by another company (Hasegawa) to add to the Revell kit above as I have a plan for a small diorama using the two kits but it hasn't any decals so I've had to order those as well. All in all, I suspect my spare time will be given over to modelling, reading and helping Sue get through the next few months. She has finally received some redundancy money and as she said to a neighbour earlier today, it's been a lousy year with cancer and redundancy dominating the last few months. One bright and happier note is that No.1 son starts a new job on Monday. He is excited about it and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Various cats now demanding my attention so I'll away and tend to their needs.



Blogger Scoakat said...

Sounds like Sue is at least hanging in there, and that's good to hear. They say if you're able to complain then you're doing okay! Just kidding, but do share my and my wife's good wishes for her. We've had recent news of my stepdad's pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately he won't see spring next year.

You have a lot of knowledge about old aircraft, does that come from modelling or something you've always liked or researched before?

Good luck to your number 1, and I know how the cats can demand!

10:32 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Sorry to hear the news about your stepdad.

I've always had an interest in old aircraft and military vehicles and it goes hand in hand with the modelling. The latter expands my knowledge but as a kid I read a lot about WW1 aircraft and I was fascinated by flight.

7:01 am  

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