Saturday, October 26, 2019

A lazy day as it is pouring down, grey and cold. Even the cats aren't interested in moving from their respective warm comfy spots. So a day to catch up with my builds and that is now the current state of play. I am slowly rigging the Heyford using elasticated thread and white glue whilst the Vampire has been glued together, filled the seams and gaps, sanded, more filler and sanding and finally a base coat of black acrylic brush painted on. 

The white glue dries clear and allows me to position the thread but I have learned to leave it to set hard and get on with other tasks. Lots of patience required and it does make for a slow build but I enjoy it. Time to gird my loins as we have decided to take our daily walk and get some shopping done as well. I hope you have a good weekend and keep warm and dry.


Friday, October 25, 2019

I am still here but not blogging much as I currently have little to say.
Sue continues to recuperate and we spent this morning in the neighbouring county at the oncology department for the initial meeting with the treatment team. Everything went smoothly and she returns next week for the blue dot tattoos. Transport is laid on because there is no way I can book three weeks off work for the daily treatments. My boss is understanding and supportive but not that supportive! Hence we spend quiet days as she remains tired and has been warned the tiredness will get worse following the radiotherapy. Below is my current work in progress when I can get time for modelling...

Work is extremely hectic as we seem to be firefighting crises week to week and I plus other staff have been called in for an 'audit' as to why there are issues with the team. I shall pass a veil over that as things may be about to get interesting at work and I still have a mortgage to pay although the team itself works very well together and the issue is further up the ladder! All in all I seem to be working an extra ten hours per week just to keep things ticking over. Today is time off in lieu hence I was able to attend the hospital appointment although I still spent an hour typing up admin notes this afternoon.

I apologise now as I suspect my blogging will be sporadic for the next several weeks until Sue's treatment is finished and Christmas is out of the way. We'll see how things go...