Sunday, September 29, 2019

Not much change from the last post apart from another hospital visit for Sue to attend to the continual bleeding and another prescription of antibiotics. She also received a gentle lecture about smoking being the cause. It certainly delays tissue repair but for a nurse to state the wound was leaking nicotine! I think a chemistry 101 course might be required as smoking reduces oxygenation via the blood vessels which is the underlying cause for a longer repair of wounds, not nicotine leakage! Sue intends to try the smoking cessation course again in January but the fags are keeping her going during the current time.

Today marks my 59th birthday and the start of my sixth decade on this whirling ball of madness. A day for reflection for me as the past several weeks has made me question a lot of things and a stark reminder of one's mortality. I no longer celebrate my birthday although for my sixtieth next year I would like to do something special and memorable, although I have no idea what yet. I suspect it will involve travel and after watching a TV history programme about the Vikings I have a hankering for the northern wild places. Shetland Isles, Iceland, Norway all come to mind so I will give it some thought. I plan to do the 'Sober for October' and I have donated to a couple of charities already (Mental Health and cats!) as my contribution. I shan't be setting up one of those social media charity begging bowl things as that generally annoys me. I believe you should give because you want to, not for approval from others and I also believe donations should go to small local groups, not the big charities. I have a deep and abiding dislike of ex-politicians and professional charity executives who grow fat on the donations of others and tax money funding these parasites. Particularly so when tax payer money funds them to then criticise, nag and cajole ordinary folks to amend their perceived wicked ways and do the same to the government. Biting the hand that feeds you comes to mind.

Once again I need to change my lifestyle and lose weight as it has slowly crept back on. I am getting older and I need to start looking after myself more. Aches and pains, old sporting injuries from my youth and seeing the large numbers of overweight people using mobility scooters is a great incentive. I have no wish to join their number hence taking personal responsibility for my health and wellbeing is required. Cutting back on the beer, eating healthily and any money saved goes into my savings towards paying off the mortgage early. That then leads to my planned reduction in work hours at a future date so I can enjoy life more. Some of that includes my desire to go walking, perhaps joining the Ramblers and also when I do finally retire I can look at moving into some voluntary work.

No modelling updates you'll be pleased to hear as the cats have taken up residence on the table. Watson has made it his preferred sleeping spot and with the past week of rain he hasn't moved much from his chosen spot. I am back at work tomorrow and I have plans to complete my current build over the next week so he'll find himself evicted on a couple of evenings. Otherwise, I had a couple of birthday beers last night and I fnow ind myself a year older but no wiser!



Blogger Scoakat said...

♫ Happy birthday to you, ♫ happy birthday to you, ♫ happy birthday to Declan, ♫ happy birthday to you!
My next drink will be raised in your honor, sir!

I drink more often than a lot - nothing like a stiff drink after a long day at work. I will not be sober for October, but soon will be the local donations to food pantries for the upcoming holidays. We, too, prefer to support local charities, they remind us every so often and holidays are upcoming. And you're not alone in seeking fitness! I could stand for more exercise and less snacks every day. Alas, I do try, but obviously not hard enough.

Hope Sue is mending well and outlook is good. I'm sure the nurse must understand, maybe underestimating her patient's understanding? Good luck to her kicking the habit.

8:16 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you Scott.
After the last three days at work I could with a stiff drink but tea it is!

5:37 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Hope Sue's recovery is progressing better by now.

Happy 6th decade! Well done for coping with the current world madness without alcohol for a month. You're a better man than me. Oh, wait... ;)

6:53 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BW.
Lol. My sober October has lasted six days as a nice Islay Malt is one of my birthday gifts so I have amended it to 'Sober October except Malt Whisky Friday nights'!

6:25 pm  

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