Saturday, September 14, 2019

Bits and pieces over the past week or so...

A thank you present from someone related to my work. The photo does not do it justice but it is stacked away from curious paws and awaiting a coat of protective varnish before I decide where to hang it. I have a couple of original art works bought over the years plus several black and white framed photos, not mine I hasten to add which adorn various walls. I'll have to add photos to the blog at a future date as I do like them and they each tell me a story or have a story attached to them. The above includes a cat and birds which I like plus a story of regeneration and recovery. The moon with its obvious links to lunacy and the colours...I do wear bright shirts and I have a fondness for blue and pink! I have a hankering for Hawaiian shirts as being large...why not attract more attention to myself and ensure I really cannot be missed! I'll undoubtedly continue to find more in the picture as time unfolds and I might commission future works from the artist.

Work has again become 'interesting' and there will be trouble ahead but suffice to say it is very busy as to save money staff in other areas are laid off and we acquire the work they used to do. As I told the manager, even elastic bands eventually break...I have no plans to go anywhere although hints were again dropped that non-medical prescribing is where my future lies. I think not.

On the modelling front I have finished the two recent Russian aircraft builds...

The Mig 15 circa 1949 and the Polikarpov I-15 from the Spanish Civil War circa 1938. A decade or so between aircraft with the I-15 harking back to WW1 and the Mig looking to the atomic age. Both Russian built but in the livery of foreign powers, Poland and the Spanish Republic. Although I am pleased with the rigging of the I-15 I am delighted with the Mig because of the silver finish. To achieve a flat finish with the silver looking realistic I laid a variable black flat coat beneath. This ensured a variable contrast for the silver.  I have a liking for late and post war jet aircraft so a Vampire, ME 262 and Meteor will be future builds. But I have started my next build, the Handley Page Heyford which was the last RAF biplane bomber during the 1930's. Once again back to ungainly string bags of the jazz era.

Sue is still recuperating and she has a lot of discomfort and pain. She pushed herself too much this week and the pain has reminded her to stop, slow down and allow her body to repair. We are using these several weeks as a time to do little, reflect on life and rethink things. I have a planned clear out of old stuff, lots of books and I plan to finally sort the kitchen sink out when I have a week off later this month. She is bored but tiredness kicks in and she has to sleep. Watson, one of our tabbies isn't too well himself so he is generally curled up on top of her and keeping her company. All in all, apart from the managerial shenanigans at work, we are currently leading a very quiet sleepy life.



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