Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Aaah! That's better.
 A pot of freshly ground and brewed coffee, a bacon sandwich and a brief read of an excellent book following a slow walk out for Sue and me plus an even slower meander around the local super mercado for essentials. The latter consists of coffee, biscuits and a lot of cat food since we have five fussy bleeders to feed. Sue is slowly recuperating and she is back at work for her final week. She is extremely tired and admits she is struggling with the slowness of her recovery. She is also frustrated by her inability to do more than some of the smaller daily tasks. I have a week off and the plans I had made were cancelled in favour of being around and generally available for her this week. As per usual it is chucking it down with a couple of monsoon like deluges. Waterproofs and hat weather for me as I lose umbrellas. I could be modelling but all four cats have discovered the delights of the work desk and my comfy chair during this inclement weather. Sherlock acquired a punk hairstyle over the weekend when he shoved his head into some glue. So my latest build is currently set aside...

I don't mind as to be truthful I am also very tired and enjoying the down time. Weather permitting I have suggested a couple of hours at Cleethorpes for fresh air and exercise (gentle stroll) to aid recuperation.



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