Sunday, September 08, 2019

A lovely relaxing weekend and rest as I overdid the walking yesterday and my knees / ankles are reminding me that I am no longer a young man! Notwithstanding that, I did some tidying up in the garden but for once I limited myself to forty minutes only and deliberately stopped. I can tackle some more next weekend as the weeds can wait. I've been given some old secondary glazing by my neighbour and I am using that for the raised bed which I will prepare for next spring. I am hoping the glazing will allow me to plant out the tomatoes and chillies earlier next year. After the disaster with the cabbages which were eaten by bugs I am giving up on growing brassicas. After a hot shower I cracked on with the modelling and the Mig 15 is nearly finished - completed in Polish airforce colours and I will add an oil pin wash to finish it off.

The little Polikarpov I-15 is a work in progress but the red paint needs to dry fully before I can gloss coat for the final decals. I did not realise until today that I have built models of two Russian aircraft but they are in the livery of other countries, Poland and the Spanish Republic during the Civil War there.

After a discussion on-line with a fellow fb modeller about various kits I dipped into another kit...

Another interwar 1930's British bomber which entered service with the RAF in 1930 and was obsolete by 1939. I do like these big old beasts and this one stood seventeen feet from the ground to the cockpit! Ladders are supplied with the kit as in real life to climb into the plane.

Sue is slowly recuperating and I cooked Sunday lunch today, the one meal she usually like to cook each week as she likes a traditional roast dinner. I would cook a curry or a Chinese meal but I stuck to a traditional pork dinner today with homemade apple sauce. She is badly bruised following the operation and easily tired which she can't understand but I keep pointing out she had major surgery and was anaesthetised for 1 1/2 hours. She is looking forward to a day out at Mablethorpe, fresh sea air and particularly if the sea is rough. Hopefully in a couple of weeks. This weekend it is the kite festival at Cleethorpes but she can't cope with too much currently and after a walk in town yesterday she was extremely tired. Time for a cuppa and feet up with sasquatch stories to keep me entertained.



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She's off work for a reason, but I can understand wanting to do too much. Keep reminding her she's already doing something more important - healing!

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