Thursday, September 05, 2019

A day off to provide support and help as Sue had a bad night with pain and the emotional impact also finally hit her. Although in terms of having cancer this is lower down the scale at '2' compared with with the '1' that is really nasty, it is still a major obstacle in the road of life we all have to travel down.  She has been told under no uncertain terms to rest more by the consultant and she will have three weeks off work instead of the two she planned. She also discovered that although her job ends from October 1st the company have stated they will find her another cleaning job which has cheered her up a little. The combination of redundancy and cancer really hit home and isn't pleasant. She falls into that group of women whose state pension age was raised to 66 years and she wants to work until then.

So my day is spent pottering about, helping out but whilst she slept this morning I managed to get in an hours worth of modelling.

A black primer painted on two days ago and gloss clear coated yesterday with the titanium silver airbrushed on this morning. Looking slightly rough but I intend to sand out the seams, clear coat and spray again followed by a further clear coat, decal and coat the decals. Then a pin wash to bring out the details and finally some weathering. In historical terms, this Mig 15 is relatively modern for me (1947)  as I tend to build from the the two world wars and between. The kit itself is an Airfix one from the sixties. I don't mind being confined to the house today as I can attend to the outstanding builds.

As the Mig is left to set I can look at the other build which I finally rigged over the weekend. I suspect I might not get to this one until this coming weekend, a Polikarpov I-15 which I am building for the Spanish Civil War group I belong to. 1/72 scale so the rigging is very finicky and requires oodles of patience. I use elasticated line which allows me more leeway in stretching it out although using white glue to attach it means a longer drying time. The white glue dries clear which is its main advantage.

The weather has changed and last night the heating clicked on as the temperature dropped (7 celsius). What is noticeable is the change in the behaviour of the cats as they were all in last night without us having to tempt them in. We might still have some warm days but autumn is here.Time to return to nursing duties.


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