Sunday, September 29, 2019

Not much change from the last post apart from another hospital visit for Sue to attend to the continual bleeding and another prescription of antibiotics. She also received a gentle lecture about smoking being the cause. It certainly delays tissue repair but for a nurse to state the wound was leaking nicotine! I think a chemistry 101 course might be required as smoking reduces oxygenation via the blood vessels which is the underlying cause for a longer repair of wounds, not nicotine leakage! Sue intends to try the smoking cessation course again in January but the fags are keeping her going during the current time.

Today marks my 59th birthday and the start of my sixth decade on this whirling ball of madness. A day for reflection for me as the past several weeks has made me question a lot of things and a stark reminder of one's mortality. I no longer celebrate my birthday although for my sixtieth next year I would like to do something special and memorable, although I have no idea what yet. I suspect it will involve travel and after watching a TV history programme about the Vikings I have a hankering for the northern wild places. Shetland Isles, Iceland, Norway all come to mind so I will give it some thought. I plan to do the 'Sober for October' and I have donated to a couple of charities already (Mental Health and cats!) as my contribution. I shan't be setting up one of those social media charity begging bowl things as that generally annoys me. I believe you should give because you want to, not for approval from others and I also believe donations should go to small local groups, not the big charities. I have a deep and abiding dislike of ex-politicians and professional charity executives who grow fat on the donations of others and tax money funding these parasites. Particularly so when tax payer money funds them to then criticise, nag and cajole ordinary folks to amend their perceived wicked ways and do the same to the government. Biting the hand that feeds you comes to mind.

Once again I need to change my lifestyle and lose weight as it has slowly crept back on. I am getting older and I need to start looking after myself more. Aches and pains, old sporting injuries from my youth and seeing the large numbers of overweight people using mobility scooters is a great incentive. I have no wish to join their number hence taking personal responsibility for my health and wellbeing is required. Cutting back on the beer, eating healthily and any money saved goes into my savings towards paying off the mortgage early. That then leads to my planned reduction in work hours at a future date so I can enjoy life more. Some of that includes my desire to go walking, perhaps joining the Ramblers and also when I do finally retire I can look at moving into some voluntary work.

No modelling updates you'll be pleased to hear as the cats have taken up residence on the table. Watson has made it his preferred sleeping spot and with the past week of rain he hasn't moved much from his chosen spot. I am back at work tomorrow and I have plans to complete my current build over the next week so he'll find himself evicted on a couple of evenings. Otherwise, I had a couple of birthday beers last night and I fnow ind myself a year older but no wiser!


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Aaah! That's better.
 A pot of freshly ground and brewed coffee, a bacon sandwich and a brief read of an excellent book following a slow walk out for Sue and me plus an even slower meander around the local super mercado for essentials. The latter consists of coffee, biscuits and a lot of cat food since we have five fussy bleeders to feed. Sue is slowly recuperating and she is back at work for her final week. She is extremely tired and admits she is struggling with the slowness of her recovery. She is also frustrated by her inability to do more than some of the smaller daily tasks. I have a week off and the plans I had made were cancelled in favour of being around and generally available for her this week. As per usual it is chucking it down with a couple of monsoon like deluges. Waterproofs and hat weather for me as I lose umbrellas. I could be modelling but all four cats have discovered the delights of the work desk and my comfy chair during this inclement weather. Sherlock acquired a punk hairstyle over the weekend when he shoved his head into some glue. So my latest build is currently set aside...

I don't mind as to be truthful I am also very tired and enjoying the down time. Weather permitting I have suggested a couple of hours at Cleethorpes for fresh air and exercise (gentle stroll) to aid recuperation.


Thursday, September 19, 2019

An update following Sue's latest appointment.
She will be having three weeks of radiotherapy but not until the genetic test results arrive back from the USA! If she scores high on the tests she will have to have chemotherapy otherwise it is straight into the radiotherapy which will take place at a hospital thirty odd miles away in East Yorkshire. She will also have to take a tablet to reduce her oestrogen levels as that is what fuelled the growth of this type of cancer which apparently was a lot bigger than first realised until the surgeon removed it...and yes, I asked about the side effects of the tablet and I have also just now googled the information. I'll pass that info on and she can make a decision about the tablet. The operation was successful and this is now about preventative treatment so we are a lot happier.

Gratuitous photo of Maisie to lighten the mood.


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Bits and pieces over the past week or so...

A thank you present from someone related to my work. The photo does not do it justice but it is stacked away from curious paws and awaiting a coat of protective varnish before I decide where to hang it. I have a couple of original art works bought over the years plus several black and white framed photos, not mine I hasten to add which adorn various walls. I'll have to add photos to the blog at a future date as I do like them and they each tell me a story or have a story attached to them. The above includes a cat and birds which I like plus a story of regeneration and recovery. The moon with its obvious links to lunacy and the colours...I do wear bright shirts and I have a fondness for blue and pink! I have a hankering for Hawaiian shirts as being large...why not attract more attention to myself and ensure I really cannot be missed! I'll undoubtedly continue to find more in the picture as time unfolds and I might commission future works from the artist.

Work has again become 'interesting' and there will be trouble ahead but suffice to say it is very busy as to save money staff in other areas are laid off and we acquire the work they used to do. As I told the manager, even elastic bands eventually break...I have no plans to go anywhere although hints were again dropped that non-medical prescribing is where my future lies. I think not.

On the modelling front I have finished the two recent Russian aircraft builds...

The Mig 15 circa 1949 and the Polikarpov I-15 from the Spanish Civil War circa 1938. A decade or so between aircraft with the I-15 harking back to WW1 and the Mig looking to the atomic age. Both Russian built but in the livery of foreign powers, Poland and the Spanish Republic. Although I am pleased with the rigging of the I-15 I am delighted with the Mig because of the silver finish. To achieve a flat finish with the silver looking realistic I laid a variable black flat coat beneath. This ensured a variable contrast for the silver.  I have a liking for late and post war jet aircraft so a Vampire, ME 262 and Meteor will be future builds. But I have started my next build, the Handley Page Heyford which was the last RAF biplane bomber during the 1930's. Once again back to ungainly string bags of the jazz era.

Sue is still recuperating and she has a lot of discomfort and pain. She pushed herself too much this week and the pain has reminded her to stop, slow down and allow her body to repair. We are using these several weeks as a time to do little, reflect on life and rethink things. I have a planned clear out of old stuff, lots of books and I plan to finally sort the kitchen sink out when I have a week off later this month. She is bored but tiredness kicks in and she has to sleep. Watson, one of our tabbies isn't too well himself so he is generally curled up on top of her and keeping her company. All in all, apart from the managerial shenanigans at work, we are currently leading a very quiet sleepy life.


Sunday, September 08, 2019

A lovely relaxing weekend and rest as I overdid the walking yesterday and my knees / ankles are reminding me that I am no longer a young man! Notwithstanding that, I did some tidying up in the garden but for once I limited myself to forty minutes only and deliberately stopped. I can tackle some more next weekend as the weeds can wait. I've been given some old secondary glazing by my neighbour and I am using that for the raised bed which I will prepare for next spring. I am hoping the glazing will allow me to plant out the tomatoes and chillies earlier next year. After the disaster with the cabbages which were eaten by bugs I am giving up on growing brassicas. After a hot shower I cracked on with the modelling and the Mig 15 is nearly finished - completed in Polish airforce colours and I will add an oil pin wash to finish it off.

The little Polikarpov I-15 is a work in progress but the red paint needs to dry fully before I can gloss coat for the final decals. I did not realise until today that I have built models of two Russian aircraft but they are in the livery of other countries, Poland and the Spanish Republic during the Civil War there.

After a discussion on-line with a fellow fb modeller about various kits I dipped into another kit...

Another interwar 1930's British bomber which entered service with the RAF in 1930 and was obsolete by 1939. I do like these big old beasts and this one stood seventeen feet from the ground to the cockpit! Ladders are supplied with the kit as in real life to climb into the plane.

Sue is slowly recuperating and I cooked Sunday lunch today, the one meal she usually like to cook each week as she likes a traditional roast dinner. I would cook a curry or a Chinese meal but I stuck to a traditional pork dinner today with homemade apple sauce. She is badly bruised following the operation and easily tired which she can't understand but I keep pointing out she had major surgery and was anaesthetised for 1 1/2 hours. She is looking forward to a day out at Mablethorpe, fresh sea air and particularly if the sea is rough. Hopefully in a couple of weeks. This weekend it is the kite festival at Cleethorpes but she can't cope with too much currently and after a walk in town yesterday she was extremely tired. Time for a cuppa and feet up with sasquatch stories to keep me entertained.


Thursday, September 05, 2019

A day off to provide support and help as Sue had a bad night with pain and the emotional impact also finally hit her. Although in terms of having cancer this is lower down the scale at '2' compared with with the '1' that is really nasty, it is still a major obstacle in the road of life we all have to travel down.  She has been told under no uncertain terms to rest more by the consultant and she will have three weeks off work instead of the two she planned. She also discovered that although her job ends from October 1st the company have stated they will find her another cleaning job which has cheered her up a little. The combination of redundancy and cancer really hit home and isn't pleasant. She falls into that group of women whose state pension age was raised to 66 years and she wants to work until then.

So my day is spent pottering about, helping out but whilst she slept this morning I managed to get in an hours worth of modelling.

A black primer painted on two days ago and gloss clear coated yesterday with the titanium silver airbrushed on this morning. Looking slightly rough but I intend to sand out the seams, clear coat and spray again followed by a further clear coat, decal and coat the decals. Then a pin wash to bring out the details and finally some weathering. In historical terms, this Mig 15 is relatively modern for me (1947)  as I tend to build from the the two world wars and between. The kit itself is an Airfix one from the sixties. I don't mind being confined to the house today as I can attend to the outstanding builds.

As the Mig is left to set I can look at the other build which I finally rigged over the weekend. I suspect I might not get to this one until this coming weekend, a Polikarpov I-15 which I am building for the Spanish Civil War group I belong to. 1/72 scale so the rigging is very finicky and requires oodles of patience. I use elasticated line which allows me more leeway in stretching it out although using white glue to attach it means a longer drying time. The white glue dries clear which is its main advantage.

The weather has changed and last night the heating clicked on as the temperature dropped (7 celsius). What is noticeable is the change in the behaviour of the cats as they were all in last night without us having to tempt them in. We might still have some warm days but autumn is here.Time to return to nursing duties.