Saturday, August 31, 2019

Sue has had her surgery and so far it has gone smoothly.
She is tired, sore and sleeping a lot. She described the experience as caring until she went into surgery and everyone there was clinical, cool and efficient. I have to admit it, I and No.1 son are very relieved. I have a couple of days off to provide care and support and she is under strict orders from the medics to potter around only. She will contact the clinic next week for her first follow up appointment and hopefully that will go without a hitch.

Otherwise there is little to say as it has been work and then staying at home to provide support. I have managed to curtail my model buying after three further purchases, one at an actual bricks and mortar model shop...

Yes, a bus but I could not resist the futuristic look of a thirties art deco bus and I love that colour scheme, plus it was half price!
The other two kits were also cheap and bought from evil bay...

That's it for the next several months as I have two builds on the go currently and a couple lined up waiting in the wings although that Dauntless has really caught my eye. A fellow modeller over in the US has the same two kits and we have discussed building the Dauntless and swapping pictures, tips and build stories. I am very tempted to go ahead with that once the current two are completed.

I have also bought a couple of OS Explorer maps for the Lincolnshire Wolds and coast as I plan to start walking next year. I need to regain some fitness before then hence the plan to start next year and focus on the next several months walking locally, losing weight and helping Sue back to health. She's happy to leave the walking in the Wolds to me! There are a lot of abandoned Medieval villages scattered around Lincolnshire plus a lot of old churches, ruined priories and abbeys, etc...One thing Sue's recent illness and experiences have brought home to me is that life is short so best to get out and enjoy it. But for this weekend I am on nursing duties at home as well as the usual cat wrangling. They always go to Sue for feeding even when I am standing in the kitchen doling out their food! We had a huge and exciting thunderstorm during the week and could we get the little blighters in? Could we buggery! The rattle of the dreamies box brought three of them in. They have become semi-feral although the cold weather when it comes may change that. I hope your weekend is going well,


Blogger Scoakat said...

That was quick, all our best for a speedy recovery for her! And yes, walking (and biking) seems easier with destinations in mind.

6:50 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks Scott.
They opted for day surgery as it was surgery only but we are awaiting the biopsy results from the lymph nodes. Now she has to rest, do physio and more rest. It's the small things that she can't yet do that is surprising so we are helping out.
Yes, destinations help and there is a lot to see around here.

8:34 am  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

So pleased it went well. Hope the biopsy results come through soon.

Love the bus!

8:52 am  

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