Saturday, August 17, 2019

An update:
We have a date for the surgery and a pre-op assessment but the very good news for Sue is that chemotherapy is not required. She is anxious about the surgery but she dreaded chemo so that is one relief. Surprisingly, we expected the surgery to take place some time in September but it will take place this month. My manager at work is very supportive and I have booked carers leave but she has suggested that any time I require to care for Sue I only have to ask. Unsurprisingly, both of us are very tired and Sue is not sleeping well so she catches up with a nap when I have gone to work. We are looking at lifestyle changes once she has had surgery and get out more, escape the rut we have both lazily occupied these last couple of years. That's the positive to be gained from all of this, a wake up call to go and enjoy life.

Part of retaining my composure during this trying time is modelling and this is the latest build on the desk. A Fairey Battle circa 1940 during the first battle of France. I have opted for brush painting acrylics and the best way to do this, avoid leaving brush strokes and make it look semi decent is to paint thin layers. The underneath is black so a combination of shades of black and grey has been painted on this first layer.Once the paints are fully dried I shall add a clear coat to protect them, add the decals, clear coat again and then do a pin wash using enamel paints thinned with the appropriate spirit and a drop of waning up liquid! Yes, weakens the liquids surface tension and allows the wash to flow better on the surface. I have used oils with an appropriate spirit for similar results and one can use acrylics with water and a drop of washing up liquid.

Although putting plastics, metals, card, build the model calls upon skills and improves with experience, it is the painting that brings the build to life. The colours can lie flat and lifeless but with the use of layers, shadow and light adding depth, contrast and life to the model.

I have some 1/35th scale figures that I have been working on as and when over the past year, practicing painting techniques and knowing that eventually I will use these figures in a diorama. I have another group build for the Spanish Civil War group I belong to and once that is completed I might be able to focus on a armour build in 1/35th scale. I am an armour modeller but I have built more aircraft over the past year and a good 70% of my model stash is aircraft. There is enough there to keep me busy for the next two years!



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Excellent news re Sue's operation and treatment.

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut, particularly at our sort of age, isn't it?

Glad you've got the modelling to occupy you and she's got Sky Sports!

12:23 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Good to hear and good luck to Sue. I hope to hear of a successful surgery and great prognosis soon. And very nice of your manager, there is human decency left out there after all.

I know that rut, it's easy to fall into. I'm ashamed to say how little I've been on the bike this year.

2 years worth of models to do? You, dear sir, are a collector!

8:56 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thanks folks.
Yes, I have become a collector but I have now stopped buying. New blog coming up explains why!

3:09 pm  

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