Sunday, August 11, 2019

A quick post as we are spending a very lazy weekend and doing as little as possible. Friday night saw a drunk driver plough into a parked lorry on our road. The police attended, blocked the road and brought in two large and noisy recovery trucks...all at 01.00 hours so little sleep had and it's caught up with us all. As a treat for Sue I bought her Sky sports and she can watch golf, rugby and tennis until the cows come home. I get to watch darts and football but she is the sports fan in this house and No.1 son can watch his F1 racing. I'll be honest, I can live without sports and a good book or music is my preference although as the pictures below show, modelling too.

Yes, Sherlock and Watson have discovered that they will receive lots of attention when they plonk themselves on the table as I am building models! Immediately following this photo Sherlock sprawled out and promptly fell asleep. He eventually moved when he heard me open the fridge door...never fails.

Today I have been building this, an old kit I bought on line and possibly thirty years or older judging by the decals. Yet another aircraft that was obsolete by 1939 yet the generals managed to needlessly send men to their deaths against superior modern German fighters and anti-aircraft fire.

The Fairey Battle had a crew of three including an observer and motored along at a fairly sedate pace.  Fine for a peacetime airforce or for the red areas of the globe where the reluctant inhabitants objected to imperialism with nothing more deadly than colourful language aimed at the low flying aircraft. Messerschmitt BF 109's and 110's were sadly a different matter.

I've put it all away safely in a cat proof box and heading out to the garden as we have sunshine! Lots of rain and wind these past few days, extreme weather according to the media or as we call it, just a bit wet and blowy out there. I suspect people in other parts of the world that do experience extreme weather would scratch their heads and laugh although the media do like to make a drama out of non events.


Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Smart move getting the Sky Sports.

Looking at your tabbies makes me reaslise how much I miss have tabbies around - only black, white, white, and black and white here currently.

Hope things are progressing with the treatment plans and timings, and that you're both OK.

7:53 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BW.

We have a date for surgery and my boss is supportive with carers leave, etc...

We have the two Tabbies (brothers), a black and white Felix lookalike called Maisie and her daughter Mindy who is a tortoiseshell. I have been told we do not require a ginger cat to complete the set!

6:05 pm  

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