Saturday, June 08, 2019

Life takes some interesting twists and turns and a couple of developments at work are proving this adage. One of the other teams is trying to poach me and are offering promotion as an inducement. I am not sure they have to push too hard at what is an open door as I look ahead to later in the year and see some major issues coming up. We are losing senior experienced staff and the replacements are two newly qualified staff stepping in to fill the gap but, there are also experienced staff who will be released for long term training next year and the likelihood is that they will also move on. The problem for me is that I will be expected to remain on my current grade and pay but take on more complex cases and responsibilities. So I have decided to apply for the job as it can result in one of two things happening: I am offered promotion in my current team as the manager realises what is happening or I join the other team and I achieve the same result. I don't usually like playing these games but after the last interview and the response of the manager in offering the job to someone else I am happy to do so. Play them at their own game.

The interesting twist is that the new role will be a return for me to an old familiar role in the crisis team. The team has changed in that there are no longer any on-calls and no shift work this time round which for me would be a bonus. My manager has already touted the offer of non-medical prescribing training for me and did not look too amused when I suggested that following that training I could be promoted twice over within the same Trust if I joined one of the other teams as nurse prescribers are worth their weight in gold because guess what we are also short of...yes, doctors! I have to admit that approximately £9 billions per year to the EU and £14 billions per year in overseas aid is crazy yet we are struggling to develop or even maintain our basic services and we pay the lowest pensions bar a couple of countries in western Europe. I think perhaps that fuels much of the support for the Brexit party plus the obvious arrogance, lying, incompetence and self enrichment amongst the majority of the politicians currently sitting in both houses of parliament.

It has set me thinking as both the students are in their fifties, most of the staff in the team are in their fifties and the crisis team is pretty much the same. There is a scattering of staff in their forties but all in all our teams plus the older adults team are composed of people who will all be retired within the next decade! In fact, there are several of us who have retired and returned to work. I will receive my state pension in eight years time and I have planned to work the next few years to set myself up for that with the probability that I will cut my hours down as I get nearer to the time I decide to properly retire. I compare this with the IAPT service with whom we share the office many of whom are younger and more numerous. The IAPT team apparently make a profit hence they have lots of staff but our team is extremely short staffed and we deal with the severe and enduring mental illnesses. Hence my concerns about the year ahead but also longer term. As a team we have flagged up our concerns but our managers have adopted an ostrich and sandpit approach to this. Their answer has been to develop more paperwork to evidence that we are doing our job...Hey ho.

Otherwise, weekend off and it is cold, wet and windy which is often standard for British June weather and the perfect excuse for me to stay indoors and build models. I know how excited you all are to see them so here you are...

Three kits in varying stages with the Walrus not far off completion, the schwimmwagen as an on going work in progress with figures needing more work and a tiny Polikarpov I 16 which I will complete in the colours of the Republican government during the Spanish Civil War. Enough of that for now...I have plans to arrange for a plumber to sort out our kitchen as we now have all the parts needed and once that is done, both Mrs C and I have a week off and we plan to have a clear out and clean up. Hopefully we will get some trips out if the weather is good but I have a further weeks work ahead of me so it will be on with the motley.



Blogger Scoakat said...

Good luck with the job. No fault in doing what's best for yourself, now and in the future.

And maybe not excited, but interested. It's what you enjoy. My LLP posts don't exactly get much response but I'll keep doing them because it's what I enjoy. Carry on, sir!

11:16 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Good luck navigating the choices. And your experiences of 'the system' are the perfect example of why the NHS is in the mess it is. What a way to run anything...

2:02 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you folks. Today was an assessment day and very intense but I may soon have good news re. the job.

5:59 pm  

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