Thursday, June 20, 2019

First the good news. I had my interview and I passed and I am promoted to the next band with effect from July 1st. Both the interviewers agreed I was working at way above my pay grade and at times beyond the new pay grade so they were happy with my answers and with my current work. I am pleased because I will now be paid the appropriate salary for the work I do. Both the interviewers were students of mine umpteen years ago but nearly every qualified nurse I meet these days meets that criteria! I have been around that long and seeing another colleague retiring for good reinforces my belief that the next few years will be twilight of my nursing career. From my first day as a student nurse I am now approaching my 35th year in this career. Realistically, the promotion doesn't change a great deal of my day to day practice as I am already doing the work but I am pleased because I have had my fill of job interviews and I welcome some work stability and security. A celebratory beer tonight and gardening cancelled for today as it is raining again.

Three weeks into June and it has been a washout. To compound it I discovered Sherlock caught up in my raised bed and he couldn't escape because of the netting. He is bright enough to climb in there and dig up the cabbage plants but not to escape. I calmed him down as he was caught in the netting, opened it up and released him. I gave him a lot of reassurance and fussing as he was spooked by the netting. My cats mean more to me than some cabbage plants which with the rain, lack of sun and feline attention are not likely to survive. I might remove what's left, dig it over and add more home made compost, prepare the bed for new cabbage plants later in the year. The garden itself is like a jungle in parts and I have a feeling the rain will cease once I am back at work!

The photos for todays blog are for educational purposes only (standard disclaimer) and are of the aircraft I am building,  an Amiot 143 bomber from the French airforce. The instructions are completely in French and many of the sources I am using are also in French so very educational for me.

An aircraft that is beautiful in its ugliness but I do really like these pre and early WW2 aircraft. There is a lot of glass and I have dubbed it the flying greenhouse. So back to the build and I am scratch building the empty interior.

Dry assembly below as I glue, sand, fill, sand and paint various parts.

All in all great fun and keeps me off the currently wet streets.

The bad news...cats vomiting all over the house. We bought some new cat food which was reduced in price and is supposedly good for cats. As we discovered it really isn't. We feed half a pouch at a time as Watson and Maisie tend to bolt their food down and generally it quickly comes back. But this time we believe it is the new food as Mindy won't eat it and she hasn't been ill. Fluffy loves the stuff but he  often goes straight out after eating so we don't know whether it has effected him. Having said that, he slept in our kitchen one night this week when the rain was bad.



Blogger Scoakat said...

"An aircraft that is beautiful in its ugliness" - Yes, intersting looking, for sure.

Cats can be finicky but that just isn't right. With Basil's issues we have to spend more for the food, too. Toss the bad stuff and get them the good food, may you all be happier!

2:07 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

We bought their regular food again. Even Fluffy, the cat who's adopted us turns his nose up at the food. It's odd really as they will eat the Lidl / Aldi (cheap shops) food but this particular food is marketed as healthy & good for cats but it certainly wasn't!

2:37 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Congratulations on the promoted pay! Does that work well for your (presumably still final salary) pension amount? Hopefully yes! ;)

I enjoy your modelling posts - while not being into such crafting myself, it is interesting, as a fellow (other) crafter, to understand what is involved.

Our 4 (outdoor) cats are loving the Aldi cat food pouches (large packs were reduced a couple of weeks ago) much more than the Whiskas they usually get (bought in bulk in Costco). But, they like raw bunny best of all. They seem to have got through most of the local overstock of those, and all the squirrels though. Mind you, that is what we keep them for...

7:09 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BW.
Yes, it will help with my pension although as I plan to only work another few years it isn't likely to be a great deal. It will add a small amount to my current pension.

4:07 pm  

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