Sunday, March 24, 2019

Blimey! Two weeks absence from blogging but it has been a busy two weeks at work as more staff have left the team and this coming week we will be a skeleton crew. So each evening has seen me doing little other than watching TV, reading and retiring early to bed. I'm getting old and tired!

Weekends have been spent shopping, some walking, attending to necessary chores and modelling. Hence a couple of the recent completed builds and my current work in progress.

The latter is a Junkers Ju 86 which I plan to complete in South African air force colours for 1939 - 40.  An interesting plane that saw service as a civil airliner and bomber but obsolete by 1939. Yes, another one of those interwar ugly aircraft that I have taken a liking to.

Can you imagine being the poor sod in the lower cupola open to the elements several thousand feet up in the air.

The four tiny aircrew painted up ready to go inside prior to being glued and closed up.

But now the better weather has arrived as well as more daylight so hopefully I can spend more time outside, particularly sorting out the garden. For the raised bed I am considering lettuce and one tomato plant with a chilli plant in one of the tubs. I will go for more flowers this year with an emphasis again on attracting bees and butterflies. The fallen wall and the back gate need to be replaced and a spiky burglar unfriendly plant place in the corner. There will need to be a balance between enjoying more activities outdoors and modelling indoors. Having said that I have ordered another kit, one I have been after for the past year, a Vickers Gunbus FB 5 which is apparently another fiddly build liable to turn the air blue.

So if we have wonderful summer with lots of sunshine or a wet wash out, I shall be happy with either one as I hope to be prepared for both. My fingers are crossed for a decent summer with sunshine. 



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

I enjoy seeing your latest modelling projects.

But, I am horrified to hear again of the departure of staff from your team, and the extra pressure you will now be under. What is the reason for this - pressure of work and lack of recognition/support from management, and unrealistic expectations, or something else? Or is it impossible to generalise?

5:54 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Pressure of work, an ageing team where people retire & someone left to work nearer home. Poor management doesn't help but it's interesting how this team has had a huge turnover in staff over the past five years yet one of the other teams has remained stable and consistent for many years! Today I think I met myself coming backwards

Thank you for the kind words about the models. We had an interesting discussion in the fb group about how we make models of war and what people do not build or refuse to build. This stemmed from a particularly graphic diorama someone posted but also from someone posting pictures of a model of a KZ camp. I have to admit I do stop and think hard if any of my models are in questionable taste and whether they cross the line into any endorsement of extremist politics. The latter is difficult because any tank or vehicle from the nazi or Stalinist regimes can be said to be an endorsement in the broadest sense. I'll just carry on making those models that interest, excite or intrigue me.

7:00 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Surely models are simply representations of what the reality was nearly a century ago?

I don't see how current day emotional responses and hindsight can be applied to plastic kits and said to endorse anything.

'Political correctness' has gone absolutely mad in our time.

7:29 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

Spot on BW. But unfortunately some people can't resist dictating what is correct. There are some things I won't model but that's my decision based on what I feel comfortable with. I believe in live and let live and funnily enough I believe most people are the same. A minority of victimhood money chasers and status seekers are currently setting the agenda.

7:05 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

"A minority of victimhood money chasers and status seekers are currently setting the agenda."

Yes, exactly.

But, I do think that fat too many people who have no opinion on something suddenly have an opinion after reading/hearing other people's, and don't think further than the surface (un)truth presented to them. I call it Sheep Syndrome.

11:46 am  

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