Saturday, December 08, 2018

Woohoo! I have four days off and boy do I need the rest. Too many miles travelled on dreadful roads in bad weather and the stress levels at work increase as we approach the festive season with fewer staff than usual. I finished work yesterday with a dreadful headache which finally dissipated late this morning. My fault entirely as I chose to return to the bear pit of work! But a couple of walks this morning with Sue in some very cold and blowy weather chased the ache away. So here's a photo of sunnier and younger times as we slide into this wet, cold and windy winter with the usual dire portents of 'Beasts from the East' Siberian weather.

Yes, that's me in the middle, taken in Israel in the autumn of '83. I think we'd just showered and had lunch following a day of picking citrus fruits. Work started at 6 a.m. and depending on how quickly we fulfilled our quota usually finished between 11 and 12. If we finished early we usually went for a run followed by umpteen lengths of the pool. Looking back now it was heaven!

Yes, that's a packet of fags in my shirt pocket when I was addicted to the evil weed and was young, stupid and thought I'd live forever. A friend contacted me on fb and linked me to a lot of photos someone had taken between 1983 - 85 and I'm included in some of them. Some I had already but there were several new ones. It is surprising to look at them and then realise that I look more like an elderly archaeologist from Time Team these days. RIP Mick Aston and Robin Bush...
Hard to believe these photos are from 35 years ago and I am still happily in touch with several people from that time although we are scattered to the four winds now. Time inevitably moves on and a reminder this week was the reported death at the age of 63 years of Pete Shelley whose band The Buzzcocks made us believe in the seventies anyone could play music and kick against the system.  As another much older blogger is wont to say "They are taking them from our pen now". I shall continue to bugger on as usual...



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Ah, the past can never disappoint the way the future always can, eh?

Hope you are enjoying your days off.

I've just heard that certain areas near here are using Healios rather than in-person appointments. Which may be fine if you live life online, but if you don't, and don't have the technology, I wonder what happens? I wonder if there is any evidence-base for effectiveness, or comparative effectiveness?

9:14 am  
Blogger delcatto said...

They are going to trial the same with our team but I can't see it being successful. As you said, many people aren't on-line savvy and I see it more as a way of reducing waiting times and lists.

The past is certainly known territory for the most part. Another reason for the post is that I was informed of the death of a work colleague and I was shocked as she is only a couple of months older than me. That's three of a similar age to me gone this past year.
My days off consisted of walking, modelling and relaxing once the dreadful stress headache had gone. Back to the bear pit tomorrow...

3:56 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Great to see the pictures! Sorry, thought I had commented earlier. Hope the weather has calmed there, not much happening here but cold. Sorry to hear about your peers, not much you can do when your number comes up. But I must confess, I've thought about it more recently, myself.

12:38 am  

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