Sunday, November 25, 2018

A productive morning as the rain lashes down outside with coffee and a bacon sandwich to set me up for the day.

Yes, a morning spent with various glues, knives, sanding paper and sprue cutters. Happily lost in the build and listening to BBC Radio 3 with a brief assay into learning more about Peter Warlock whose 'The Curlew' was being broadcast. No adverts on Radio 3 and I can relax and listen in or out as the music plays.

This build is slowly coming together although the casemate presented some minor difficulties but it was the fitting of the gun inside the casemate that gave me more problems. After more coffee, a fuss of the cats I eventually manoeuvred the pieces into place, glued and now put away to fully set. 

I plan to airbrush a base colour of black paint (Tamiya Nato Black) over the outside and the interior will be brush painted an off white colour. Although I will have the hatches open as I plan to add figures it's unlikely that much will be seen of the interior. Despite this I plan to properly paint the gun and chip it accordingly. Nerdish attention to detail I know but for me it is the satisfaction of completing all aspects of this build.

I tried out some spare figures just to see how it all fits with an annoyed German tanker telling off an American tanker for pinching his panzer. I am easily pleased! My plan is to build a diorama and possibly set a scene in the Ardennes 1944 as I have the other figures and a small Schwimmwagen to add to it. 
All in all a quiet Sunday indoors but I am unlikely to have any modelling time for the next week as I have next weekend planned to visit my mum and a busy work week ahead of me. So I am enjoying it while I can. 


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