Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hmmm...not a good start to the day with an automated phone call from the credit card company asking about a payment request this morning for a large sum of money. Happily their system works and I confirmed I hadn't authorised any such payment. Payment wasn't authorised, card stopped and a new card will be sent out to me. I only ever use the card for payments on line for modelling stuff but I had used it t'other day to order a takeaway meal via just e@t. That will be the last time I ever use that although I prefer to home cook Indian food so this is an added incentive to do so! I never use the card in shops and the biggest purchase over the last year using the card amounted to sixty quid. Having my fingers burned with extended credit in the past I pay the card off in full each month which tells how little I spend on it. But it protects any purchases made on-line particularly with evil bay.

A quiet day spent doing very little as the past week at work has been extremely busy with an emergency to attend to on Friday. Happily, we quickly dealt with that although as always the attendant paperwork took up a lot of time. But working in a small team with limited resources means the slightest thing not going to plan leaves us stretched very thin. But I also did my usual trick last night of staying up far too late with the headphones on, listening to music and a couple of beers with assorted cats on or around me as I dozed off in my favourite armchair. The clocks also fall back so my internal body clock will take a few days to adjust. It is properly autumnal now with that edge of winter with yesterdays sleet and cold winds. Time for the scarf and hat to come out and I love walking in this weather so some walks to be arranged. Back to putting my feet up, enjoying a good book and the last of my illusory freedom before returning to work tomorrow.



Blogger Scoakat said...

This happened to my wife's debit card a few months ago. Somehow someone got the info for purchases all the way in Arizona! Our bank flagged it and contacted us, my wife got a new card and we were reimbursed for the few unauthorized purchases, thankfully.

I use my debit card for everything online. Just have to trust the safeguards in place and be vigilant, I guess.

10:40 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Good to hear what you are up to. Your whole tone seems much more 'relaxed' of late than it has for a long time. Hope that is how you actually feel too.

The future of card payments holds more fraud, I am sure. The problem in the UK is now that the card companies rather than the police are responsible for following up, most of the losses are simply written off as it is more cost effective for the banks. Hence the problem getting worse all the time.

Isn't the weather awful? Wet, windy and 1 degree C here at present.

6:57 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

It's happened once before, several years ago and that was an ATM scam that was quickly caught. I guess we do have to trust the safeguards in place and they work as well as being careful. Fraudsters have all the time in the world and only need a small success rate to make some money. You're spot on BW with the police leaving crime follow up now to companies, banks, individuals, etc...
It's an irritation for me but happily I'm not out of pocket.

The weather has really turned with strong winds, sleet and lots of rain plus it is so dark, even during the day. It is predicted to be very cold tonight. Thermals and heavier tog duvets required! Wrap up warm.

7:09 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Sorry BW, I forgot to answer you and yes, I am more relaxed. This job is busy but I am enjoying it and I feel less pressured compared to previous jobs.

7:11 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

So pleased; that's the only important thing!

7:41 am  

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