Thursday, August 09, 2018

Tuesday was an interesting day for all the wrong reasons.

I prepared for the interview and left to attend it only to discover my car wouldn't start. Cue expletives and given the time factor I took a taxi to the venue. This was on top of receiving news that my mother had been rushed into A & E so by the time of the interview my usual interview anxiety was going through the roof. I'd like to say it went well but I waffled in response to two questions and the 30 C heat in the room (no air con) didn't help. I have no idea how I did and I still have no idea if I have a job offer but I don't feel confident. I returned home on the bus which was a novelty for me as I haven't used public transport for ages.

My mother is home again and the large stone she has in one of her kidneys is the culprit. It had moved and caused the emergency. She has an appointment today to see a specialist and we'll know more as to what the next step is. Understandably, she wants to consider other options before surgery but she will have that rather than another episode of extreme pain, etc... Following this episode she no longer wants to hear 'The NHS is the best in the world' because her experience of the service certainly wasn't. As she put it "Don't get old and go into hospital". In their defence though she did argue that A & E was full of the worried well with minor injuries wasting everyone's time there but she didn't have a good word to say about the ward nursing staff. Once my car is sorted out and I have some news as to whether I have the job or not I will pop down and see her. I have recommended lemon juice in hot water and cider vinegar and she will discuss this with the specialist.

I converted my anxiety and frustration into a bout of gardening and weed clearing yesterday. With the dry weather the parts of the garden we haven't watered is withered and brown. So the hoe and a weed twisting device was employed and much was removed. We are saving any bulbs we find to go back in  and preparing it for next year. I intend to dig in some compost when wetter weather returns and clear along the whole of that side. I ate my first home grown tomatoes of the season and they were lovely and sweet. The borage thrives and is surrounded by bees and butterflies so I intend to plant some more next year in pots around the garden. The raspberries have come to an end now and my delightful neighbour gave me some tasty home grown purple gages. The gardening helped yesterday and reminded that I can only do so much. Two cans of cider and an early night also helped and a cooler night finally brought some blessed sleep. Now to await that phone call...



Blogger Scoakat said...

Egad! That's a rough day. Sounds like you handled it better than I might. Hopefully things will turn out well for the job, and all my best to your mother!

9:56 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you Scott.
I was somewhat shell shocked by the days end but things have settled down a bit now.
Car repaired and working, Mum at home and not in pain. Still no news regarding the job!

3:08 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Do hope your Mum gets her kidney stones sorted soon.

Our 92 year old neighbour (lives alone, no direct family) had a similar thing last year, but with bladder stones - 5 blue lighted admissions to hospital, 16 nights in hosptal, 34 weeks with a catheter in, 37 weeks of 3x weekly district nurse visits, all because inpatients refused to talk to outpatients, or do any intervention - every time he had an outpatients appointment to sort the problem he was an inpatient so it got cancelled. It took Mr BW involving PALS, CEO of hospital trust, Chief of Ambulance Service, and MP (and getting very very shouty - something very uncharacteristic) before it was eventually resolved.

Hope you get some good news on the interview front soon.

6:55 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BW.

I would say I'm shocked by what that poor man has had to go through but sadly we are seeing more and more of this. I hope he is better now despite the dreadful services.

1:28 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Yes, thanks; I should have said that I was only posting that to illustrate how much pressure one often needs to put on the system round here. And *that* hospital is supposed to be better than the one your Mum would use.

7:15 pm  

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