Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Some more progress with oil paints brushed over the dried acrylics. I should really have gloss coated a protective varnish on it but I want to see how this turns out as it is. There are a few more pieces glued on since I took the above photo but I have now put it away to dry as oil paints, depending on how much linseed oil has been removed, takes time to dry. I am enjoying the build and the plan is to attach the rigging wires and antennae to the masts. I also have to scratch build a few pieces and add a fishing net. So some work to do over the next couple of weeks. Writing of a gloss coat, this has been recommended by many fellow modellers as a cheap and very reliable gloss coat.

It's known as 'Klear' in the USA and for some reason it is difficult to find in supermarkets over here. I shall scour the local supermercados  to find it otherwise I'll order it from Amazon. It can be brush painted or airbrushed onto models as a base to protect paints and allow other types of paint (oils, enamels, acrylics or pastels) to be applied and then sprayed again to seal that layer. However, I'll leave it for now and patiently wait for the kit to dry. I have other kits from the stash to build and I recently bought a small F4F-4 Wildcat kit for peanuts on eBay.

Small scale (1/72) and a challenge for my eyes but I use a magnifier to aid me and there aren't too many parts to the kit although the photo etch metal after market kit supplied with the kit will be a challenge. I have to consider display space now and the cats natural curiosity so a small kit is ideal. I haven't yet considered where the trawler will go and I may make room on one of my bookshelves. This is the cabinet I bought for the models and I already have several elsewhere. Some plastic / glass shelves to go above each shelf will give me some storage once I am back at work and earning money to buy them.

After the last few days of cooler weather and intermittent heavy rain we are again promised very hot weather. Having experienced sunburn a few weeks ago I now stay indoors between 12.00 and 16.00 hours so that will be my modelling time over the next week plus rehearsing for the upcoming interview. Despite having done the job before I am understandably nervous given my recent experiences. It's a twelve month contract but hopefully if I am successful it will be extended beyond that. I have had enough of job applications, I will stick with this job if I get it for the next few years. I'll be 58 this year and I plan to work until I am about 63. I still have plans for a small camper van and there are places I want to travel to so a comfortable bank balance to enable this will be required. So I will avoid making anymore stupid decisions such as leaving a secure job, buying a silly car or making silly donations to lost causes. So my plan is to get back to work, keep my head down and knuckle down to work and build my bank balance up. Fingers crossed that the next financial crash or government stupidity such as declaring war on another country doesn't thwart those plans!



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Klear is sold as such in our (smallish) local Sainsbury's - I use it on the linoleum in the Studio. It's probably 18 months or so since I last bought a bottle though. But thanks for the tip - I can think of other things it could now be used for!

Fingers crossed for the ineterview.

Trawler is looking good.

9:02 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BW.
I did a little more work on the trawler this morning and I have just returned from shopping. Guess what I forgot to look for?!!

12:38 pm  
Blogger Scoakat said...

Storage. The little things do add up, don't they? The joy must be in the making, the satisfaction upon completion, then the problem of storing them.

A long time ago I kept mine in a box when I started moving around, eventually giving up and tossing them as they were getting damaged anyway.

10:56 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

I may have to be creative where storage and display is concerned Scott. I enjoy the builds, painting, perhaps longer term iI might have to consider boxing some up, giving them away or binning them. I am a long way from that stage yet so perhaps slower, longer builds of specific kits may be an answer. Smaller builds in 1/72 or 1/76 scale certainly helps.

1:03 pm  

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