Thursday, August 23, 2018

Famous last words as I slept for only a few hours last night but I do feel refreshed having woken up at 7 a.m. I shall try to get into a regular sleep pattern with early nights and waking up early to prepare for my return to work. It is less than a 15 mile commute and against the flow of the rush hour so relatively easy to do and a commute I did for ten years. Some of my views as background to the area of work.

From experience I intend to carry my digital camera in the car for photo opportunities and I am keen to capture images of the changing seasons. One advantage of a lower banded job is that, although I will be kept busy, band 5 staff carry a less complex caseload although I suspect given my history and experience I may get more than the usual. But I don't mind as I am happy to be back in employment and the one lesson I have learned from the past year is humility. So I am grateful for this opportunity and I intend to stay put and ignore the shiny baubles and blandishments of any other jobs. But I may have opportunities to stop, enjoy the countryside and take some photographs.

The area covered is slightly larger compared with my previous employment in the area with the wolds, the coast and a few small towns with lots of villages. Approximately 700 square miles to cover but hopefully the caseload will be concentrated in just a few areas rather than all over. I might buy that small camper van early so as to stop off for a cuppa or somewhere comfy to do my paperwork on the go!

I have enduring memories of a road covered in rabbits one evening as I and a colleague worked late in the crisis team, another of deer watching us from behind a fence and one in particular of a barn owl flying into my car early one morning. Plus a possible glimpse of the elusive large black cat early one morning crossing the A16 as I wended my way home from a crisis assessment. At that early hour being on call and tired after a full day and then called out again I would put it down to my misidentifying a large black dog except for the obvious long cat like tail on a creature slightly larger than a Labrador! It may well have been a larger version of Louis, our extremely pampered beastie who sadly is no longer with us.

So all in all, a lot to look forward to and also working with former colleagues although many of them I knew as students and support workers a decade or so ago.

Now to grind and make my coffee for the second time using a smaller cafetière as this happened this morning.  I will have to find out if I can buy a replacement glass receptacle rather than having to buy the whole thing.



Anonymous Blue Witch said...

It's lovely working in an area like that, isn't it? I used to have the same sort of commute/patch when I worked in Dorset. Happy memories.

It will be great if you can start so soon too.

Now, a word to the wise... if they're paying you band 5, then don't let them give you band 6 complex work, volume of work, and responsibilities, will you? :)

I know from bitter personal experience how easy it is to get drawn into things (especially when you are working with people who have seen you in a 'superior/training them' role before), and you're looking for an easy life, doing your job well, but without getting unduly pressured and stressed, these days, remember.

Sorry for the lecture ;)

But, as I'm sure you tell your patients, thinking through things in advance and working out ways of not getting embroiled is a good thing to do. I'm a great believer in the cobbler going worst shod, of course. Or is that just me? :)

3:20 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Thank you BW and you have made me smile with the cobbler comment. No lecture at all.

We had a brief discussion after the interview as I queried the differences between the band 5 and 6 roles. The team lead stated the band 6 staff work with the complex cases and that I will work as a band 5. But we shall see because from experience I can only concur with you so it is not just you. This will be an odd experience at first because I haven't been in this position for nearly 30 years.

The countryside is lovely and beats A & E and the wards hands down as well as urban Grimsby. I am likely to meet some familiar faces amongst the patients too.

4:19 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Sorry BW, I got cut off as the ID paperwork copied at the interview apparently didn't work so I have been scanning and emailing the same to them. On a Friday afternoon before a bank holiday is never the best time to get work completed for a deadline so I feel for the admin people clearing up after others. My main email system is also playing up so plan B and a back up email address used. But if this all gets me my September start instead of waiting a further four weeks then it needs to be done. Lol, it feels like it's started already with the work problems!

6:57 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

BW - I can't comment on your blog for some reason but this link might help towards identifying your horse shoe.

I'm reading it myself and it's fascinating.

I found another site but it may be of more interest to your husband and his metalworking in general.

7:15 pm  
Anonymous Blue Witch said...

Thank you very much Delcatto, and apologies. All hopefully explained in my comments box now. And a great bit of Googling by you too!

Hope everything gets processed in time for September start.

8:47 pm  

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